About Master Clean USA

Master Clean USA Inc. began late in 1992 as a dream for a better future for a family that had just begun to grow. Jessica Jankoski wanted to create a business with the kind of value, quality, work ethic and service she had grown up to respect and appreciate in her own parents. As the founder, she desired to create a unique cleaning service tailored to customer’s specific needs that partnered with businesses in their endeavors for success by making them shine.

Master Clean - Professional Cleaning ServicesA clean workplace is an asset to a business’ employees, maintains and increases a property’s value and also shows a company’s clients that their value runs deep… to the smallest of details, not just their bottom line. In serving the Santa Barbara area with the highest of quality standards, care and service, Jessica’s goal was to provide quality solutions to businesses frustrated that their time was wasted with careless, mediocre cleaning that took their time and energy away from the most important thing: their business and their clients.

Over the last 20 years Jessica has added services & equipment, and has experienced long-term employees that share her vision and have given the company momentum for growth. In 2011, Skip Jankoski, her husband, added his expertise to the company. With his added experience and business acumen, the company has grown exponentially. Master Clean USA now provides jobs to over 23 employees and serve hundreds of clients each month with the same care, responsibility, professionalism, quality and service.