New Year’s Cleaning Resolutions

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As we enter a new year it is common to create new goals, new beginnings, organize our lifestyles, clear out clutter and eliminate bad habits.

In celebration of 2016, here is a short list of cleaning resolutions to help everyone kick off the year with a fresh, and clean start!

  • Kitchen Storage

    During the holidays, and especially if you hosted a festive gathering this year, our kitchens are usually full of appliances we normally wouldn’t use such as bread makers. Make sure to put away those items somewhere other than your kitchen cabinets to avoid clutter and if you got new appliances for Christmas, donate your old ones!

  • Everything Has a Place

    Most of us have a miscellaneous drawer for random items such as receipts, batteries and change or a closet that we store out-of-season items such as umbrellas, large jackets etc. This year, try and give everything a place. Organize that misc. draw with a drawer divider/organizer and add a hanging shoe rack to your closet- this works great in maximizing space and creating individual pockets for multiple storage. Just be sure to put everything back where it belongs. That resolution in and of itself will go a long way to creating a positive habit that will maximize organization for the long term, create peace from chaos and save time and frustration. Taking the time to put items in their place right away rather than letting them accumulate and become a daunting chore is a habit well worth creating this New Year.

  • Stick to a Schedule

    Creating a schedule and setting aside a time and day for everything helps us stay on track ensuring specific, essential home tasks get done and don’t become overwhelming. For example, make a designated laundry day and create a system so it’s a less daunting task. If one day isn’t enough, split it and make Friday- Sheet Cleaning Day and Saturday – Kids clothes. Sunday morning could then be grocery shopping day. If you stick to your weekly/daily schedule it will help keep your life and home organized and chaos-free plus this system gives us permission for fun things once the scheduled chore is done and we aren’t spending our entire weekends doing chores all day long!

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