How to Choose a Professional Cleaning Company: 10 Must-Ask Questions

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Choosing a professional in any service area is important and a cleaning specialist should be no different! Still, often we don’t take the same time to vet the cleaners we bring into our homes even though they generally have unfettered access.

Choosing the right professional cleaning company may seem daunting, but with the advent of the internet and if you ask and answer some relatively simple questions, you will find that hiring the right company the first time, will save you loads of headache, stress and likely even money because they will be the most efficient, knowledgeable and least likely to damage your investment.

In our business we hear nightmares of damage, theft, mediocrity in our clients homes because they didn’t take the time to choose the right  company at the outset. They should be highly regarded, trustworthy, experienced and knowledgeable!

Take the time to answer these questions and you will more likely have peace of mind and know you can trust the company that cares for your home.

How to Choose the Right Cleaning Professional Checklist

  1. Are they reputable?

    • How long have they been in business? A company that has been around delivers experience and commitment to the industry.
    • Do they have A+ BBB rating?
    • Check their online reviews on Yelp, Google and Facebook. Their overall ratings should be superb.
    • Do they have a professional website?
    • How do they answer the phone, do they take time with you to answer questions?
  2. How responsive is their administrative personnel?

    • If you have a question do you get voicemail or a person to speak to?
    • Are their responses timely and do they put you at ease?
    • Do you feel that you trust them and are they likeable?
    • Do they go above and beyond to give you peace of mind such as providing reminders of your service times?
    • Do they provide documentation for services provided such as written bids, scopes of work and quality references (follow the links for examples)?
  3. Are they insured and bonded?

    • This means workers compensation, liability insurance and bonding.
  4. Do they talk, dress and act like professionals?

    • Professional cleaning specialists wear uniforms and their customer service is superb. They are cheerful and happy to hear from you.
    • Are they organized?
    • Do they have company vehicles?
    • Is their equipment clean and professional?
  5. Do they provide references?

    • Look for testimonials.
    • Ask for references. Yes, of course companies will be giving you only good references but you can glean a lot by just talking to their clients.


Note: This industry in particular is very competitive and often companies have high turnover because they do not take their profession seriously. Proper training in chemicals, equipment, dos and don’ts, specialty services etc. is extraordinarily important.

  1. Are their employees trained properly?

    • What are their policies and procedures to ensure consistency in service? Ask them…you might be surprised at what they say!
    • Are their employees trained with proper use of chemicals and equipment? Do they know what to use and not use on stainless steel, wood floors, natural stone, chrome and more?
    • What are their supervisorial policies and procedures?
  2. Are their employees trustworthy?

    • Do they background check their employees?
    • Do they have high turnover?
  3. Is the company licensed?

      Professional Cleaning companies must have a business license just like any other business, but a contractor’s license is also available for companies who choose to earn it. It is likely if the company has taken the time to take the state test, they are conscientious and professional in their work.

  4. Do they have specialists for specialty services?

    This is more important than I can stress. When working with natural stone, wood floors, windows, specialty flooring you must choose someone with the proper expertise to avoid costly problems. Also, it is extraordinarily beneficial to have all your maintenance needs met under one trustworthy roof!

  5. What are their payment options?

    • Can you transact business with them as you would any other service provider?
    • Do they accept multiple forms of payments?
    • Do they provide you with invoices and/or receipts?

Choosing the right professional for the preventative maintenance of your home is priceless. The value you receive comes from the quality, experience, expertise and professionalism but also translates into peace of mind. Take a little time when choosing to ask the right questions and you will reap the benefits long term!

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