To Do Lists Keep Our Professional Cleaning Company Growing Strong

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How do we stay on track and keep moving towards growth and our goals for success?

I have found a simple to-do-list tool is essential in our success because it helps keep us focussed, gives a sense of accomplishment and less tasks are forgotten.  Most of the items on our lists are things that we already do regularly.

However, by creating a list and adding to it daily and checking it before we leave the office (scratching items done and printing a new list for the next day), we ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and that the items we discussed are constantly at the forefront of our minds. There will be less hiccups, more efficiency and consistency in the operations, and it gives us all a practical tool to ensure we do not forget something important.

To be the best professional cleaning service in Santa Barbara, it is essential that we create systems that ensure that all our bases are covered.

This way,  the business runs smoothly and our clients are in turn taken care of with the highest of quality from every touch point whether it be customer service, the cleaning service or other needs being met.  It all comes down to finding a system to ensure all the moving parts are well managed.

This is one of our key tools for our business’ successful growth and will be yours also!

Tips for Your Successful To Do List

  • Remember to write the date on each weeks to do this (i.e. January 12th– January 16th) so you don’t get confused with past, present of future checklists.
  • Organize by priority items. Important, time-sensitive items should be on the top of the list and lower priority items towards the bottom. You can also use a highlighter to highlight priority items so they get done first and then you move on to the rest of the list.
  • Add misc. office items to your list such as if an employee is out of town, or if an executive has a meeting and will be out of the office. This allows you to properly manage your time tasks.
  • The more, the better. If you need to respond to an email or create a meeting calendar alert, be sure to add it to your checklist. As the day goes on, little items like these can be forgotten.
  • Be sure to have your list handy always and immediately write down a thought or to do that comes to mind (you know those “ah ha” moments where you tell yourself you are not going to forget that…but then 30 seconds later are racking your brain).
  • Write down the items even if they are done regularly as part of a routine.  There will be days that are so busy that even those routine items will be forgotten if you don’t.
  • Make it a habit to check the list before you leave for the day.  The “to-do” list doesn’t work if you don’t use it.  Even if you think you remembered everything and there is no need to read through the list, make it a habit to do it anyway and you will find it saves you from scrambling the next day when something indeed was forgotten.
  • Add a ‘looking ahead’ section so you always know what is coming up and what you need to start planning for.
  • Cross off items as you finish them and add any necessary follow-up notes to add to next weeks ‘to-do’ list. Crossing off the items gives a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

It may seem like a simple suggestion, too simple maybe, but our company has found that when we make serious use of to do lists, it fosters great success. We run efficiently, tasks are not dropped, focus increases and we accomplish our tasks more efficiently.

It may take a little getting used to, but if you implement this tool in your business and personal life we have no doubt you will experience the same growth and success as we have.

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