5 Common House Cleaning Mistakes

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What’s so hard about house-cleaning? All you do is buy an all-purpose cleaner and spray down everything, wipe and repeat right? Not so fast! Proper house maintenance takes a little more thought and care. The upside is that when done properly and avoiding some common mistakes, it improves the longevity and value of your home. Don’t despair though, we put together a list of 5 Common Mistakes to make it easy to avoid the hassles and move on to enjoying your beautifully clean home when you are done.

  • Not having a Plan  

    Anticipating having to house clean is daunting, not to mention overwhelming.  Don’t do it all at once!  Choose a chore per day to maintain rather than do all at once to keep from procrastinating.  For example:  Make Monday’s bathroom cleaning day, Tuesday dusting day etc.  When your weekly chore-day comes around you now have plan-of-action and you won’t lose time trying to figure out a routine. Set a schedule and stick to it and it will help streamline your tasks and you will never be overwhelmed again.

  • Scrubbing Carpet Spills

    When we spill on our carpet or rug, our immediate reaction is to spray the stain and scrub it out. However, this causes the stain to penetrate deeper into the carpet instead of lifting the liquid. Before you try to scrub out the spill, sprinkle it with baking soda, salt or sometimes even rice will work to absorb the liquid, then vacuum and use your spotter (we love peroxide cleaner!) to get the remaining stain.

  • Using All-Purpose Cleane

    Who wouldn’t jump at the fact that there is one spray that can clean everything in the house Well, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is…mostly! Some surface areas like granite countertops, marble and glass need specialized cleaners and some all purpose can damage these special surfaces. Also, surfaces where people eat or touch often generally need a disinfectant to truly wipe away germs and dirt and all-purpose cleaners usually lack this ingredient.  Still, we have the solution (pardon the pun)!  Peroxide cleaners are neutral and safe for most surfaces.  They will even remove spots from carpets and clothing safely and sanitize surfaces and it is eco-friendly! When using any chemcals, too much is not a good plan: Use a modest amount when to avoid leftover residue, over-spray and unnecessary wipe down.

  • Forgetting Rubber Gloves

    Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves to protect your skin from potential harsh ingredients in most cleaners and also to stay sanitary. This is something we often skip when trying to quickly get through our daily  to-dos, but even when using eco-friendly peroxide, you will find it irritates the skin.

  • Get Help

    Everyone in the family can participate in these household chores and it makes it go faster, prepares our kids and can even be fun!  The old adage is true:  many hands make light work.  Plus, I know from experience that being taught how to clean the house served me well in later years and gave me a sense of ownership and pride in our home!  Little children can be taught to dust, older children can learn how to clean bathrooms and dishes and much more!

Good luck with your house cleaning adventure and check out our 8 House Cleaning Tips You Never Knew You Needed to help with the process.  We hope this list helps you during your next cleaning day!  If DIY isn’t your cup of tea, give us a call!

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