Give Your House Its “Vitamins”: Hire Professional Cleaning Services

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Your Homes Vitamins

Professional preventative maintenance for our homes is like giving our house its vitamins.

Cleaning, (vitamin C), and protecting (vitamin P) are two of the most important supplements for your home.

Our homes are a place of respite, beauty and comfort and they are likely the single biggest investment both in time and money we have made.  Their care and maintenance is ongoing and often expensive, especially if neglected for too long, so don’t make the mistake of just calling anyone to do what you just don’t have time to do.

Our homes need their “vitamins”. 

Preventing household aches and pains means attention before problems start.

Whether it be plumbing, electrical, appliance repair or especially professional cleaning services, ensuring you hire a professional cleaner with experience, expertise and the right knowledge will bring good health, value and longevity to the home.

The Professionals

All professionals are valuable, but why are cleaning professionals so valuable?

I have heard all too often the discouraging stories of client’s natural stone, wood floors, bathroom faucets, stainless steel and more being ruined simply because they hired cleaners, not experienced, trained professionals.

Don’t risk it.  Don’t just call anyone, call a professional cleaner!

Preventative housekeeping maintenance in the home includes ongoing important professional house cleaning services. Just anyone with a rag cannot and will not bring the preventative value to housekeeping that a true professional will. They just do not have the expertise or experience.

Proper housekeeping, with knowledgeable professionals brings added value by properly addressing the home’s cleaning maintenance needs and adding longevity to every area of the home.

An improperly maintained wood floor, chrome faucet, stainless steel range or marble counter can lose its value in months (or literally seconds in the case of marble in the hands of a novice), or last decades depending on their proper maintenance.

The Best Value

A true cleaning professional is trained in each cleaning specialty area and in many cases a professional company has specialists in specific maintenance solutions so that you receive the greatest value and benefit for your preventative maintenance dollar.

For example:

  • when was the last time your cleaning company performed a monthly dishwasher treatment to remove hard water, mildew, grime and increase the performance and longevity of your dishwasher as well as do a better job as it was intended?
  • Have you ensured that your stainless steel has been properly cleaned, polished and protected so that it lasts the lifetime of your house?
  • Do you have the right professionals in your home that know what to use and not use on your natural stone? Do they know how to solve common stone problems such as etching or sealing of natural stone?
  • Does the company have dedicated specialists for specialty stone maintenance?
  • Have your bathrooms been properly cleaned and hard water and mildew remediated?
  • Do they really know how to clean windows, screens and tracking to promote their longevity while not bending or scratching or breaking them?
  • Do they provide floor specialists that can recommend expertise in long-term protection of your wood floors, tile and grout or natural stone floors, or linoleum?
  • Are they up to date on industry standards, best products and in many cases warranties for these services?
  • Do their housekeeping professionals have the right expertise and the kind of experience that bring value to you and your home?
  • Do they know what products to use and not use and how to identify problems and suggest resolution?
  • Are they licensed, insured and bonded?
  • Do they arrive in a company vehicle?
  • Does all they present and represent set your mind at ease and bring confidence?


Budget can be a factor in our home’s ongoing maintenance and often the reason we don’t hire professionals and settle for the inexperienced maid service or un-vetted handy-man.

Don’t risk hiring someone without the right experience that could make matters worse and cost more in the long run.  If you just can’t afford to hire a cleaning professional and need to save your maintenance budget for big ticket items like fixing the plumbing, do it yourself with a little know-how from the experts in my “The Professional’s Cleaning Tips and Tricks”.

If you have natural stone or specialty floors, I highly recommend saving up and allowing a professional’s expertise handle those valuable assets in your home.

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