Exterior Home Cleaning- 7 tips to maintain value and curb appeal

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One of the things we all put off is cleaning.

House cleaning is no one’s favorite chore, especially with all the other priorities and activities of everyday life.

Eventually we get around to cleaning the inside of the home because you cannot live with the mess, but what about your home’s exterior?  Most of us don’t even think about cleaning the exterior of the house until it is time for that birthday party or BBQ and our guests are going to have to walk through cobwebs to get through the door!

But it isn’t only curb appeal that makes exterior cleaning important, it is the preventative maintenance that maintains the value of the home for the long term.  We have gotten together the top 7 things you need to do to prevent wear and tear, damage and maintain the value of your home for the long term.

Plus, if you keep after the exterior home cleaning, you will always be ready for that next summer get-together and minimize preparation stress before guests arrive.

  1. Gutter Cleaning: clogged gutters mean water doesn’t drain properly during a rain and can cause water damage to eves, siding and other areas of the home.
  2. Siding/Stucco cleaning: keep up your home’s curb appeal, minimize dust and debris entering the home and protect the home’s paint/finish by dusting down sills, woodwork, siding and stucco monthly.  If you keep after this chore on a regular basis it can be a quick dust down with an extension pole and Webber duster brush.
  3. Eve cleaning: knock down cobwebs regularly especially around entry ways.  This not only improves curb appeal and sense of clean for the whole home, but it helps keep bugs and spiders from sharing your living space. If wasps or bees have made homes in the eves, first spray with wasp/hornet killer before knocking down or this chore will literally sting!
  4. Patio cleaning: DIY or hire a specialist to come with floor machines or pressure washer to ensure your patios last.  Mildew and moss can build up in shady areas and ruin you tile, brick, and concrete patios.  If you entertain and haven’t sealed your patios—this is a must investment for the longevity and stain prevention for patios and decks.
  5. Pool coping: depending on whether you have natural stone or concrete coping, a good cleaning and sealing will prevent the breakdown of the stone.
  6. Outdoor kitchens: BBQ/Grills and outdoor kitchens need regular maintenance due to the increased likelihood of damage by the elements.  Polish stainless steel, seal stone counters and tables and scrub the grills so they are ready for that next burger night!
  7. Patio furniture: bugs, spiders and dust make your patio furniture their home and regular cleaning will make it last longer, and ensure it’s ready for the next group of visitors.  It is no fun to sit down with your friends and have spiders crawling out of the woodwork: literally!

If doing it yourself is just too much to keep up with, call a pro!  It is worth the investment for the long term savings you will get and will avoid needing to replace, repaint or repair.  A monthly service, including some of this above list, is affordable and will pay dividends!  Also, for hints on preventative maintenance for the inside of your house check out our 8 Cleaning Tips You Never Knew You Needed!

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