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Get mildew smell out of your towels tip

By April 28, 2016September 10th, 2019No Comments



Have you ever forgotten your towels in the washer and when you went to put in the dryer they had that dank mildew smell? It is almost impossible to get that smell out even with fresh smelling softener and another extra hot wash. Once I put towels away thinking I had beat the problem only to find when I went to dry off in the shower: ick! The smell was still there!  Next time, put a cup of white vinegar in the wash (no detergent and especially no bleach) and wash on hottest setting.  Problem solved!  If you still notice some of the smell…do one more round with a cup of baking soda (just the baking soda, no other products) and you will be all set!

Master Clean USA

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