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Great cleaning tools for making cleaning easier- #2

By May 6, 2016September 10th, 2019No Comments

We all know how great a product WD-40 is for lubricating tools, but it usually lives in the garage.  It actually has hundreds of great uses for house cleaning tricks and one of our favorites is using instead of Goo Gone to remove sticky stuck-on messes.  No more scrubbing those sticky messes and trying product after product!  Try it for getting hard to remove tags off of newly purchased items, just spray a little on until the label is soaked and then scrape it right off!  It is one of our favorite cleaning tools for tough jobs. We used this cleaning trick to remove old stubborn adhessive from newly installed windows for one of our construction cleaning services and avoided damaging and scratching the windows! Be sure to check out our How to Clean Blog series for other great cleaning ideas!

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