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Blender fun fact

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Blender invention fun fact: The Wisconsin Polish-American Stephen J. Poplawski, owner of the Stevens Electric Company, began designing drink mixers in 1919 under contract with Arnold Electric Company, and patented the drink mixer in 1922 which had been designed to make malted milkshakes at soda fountains.
In the 1930s, L. Hamilton, Chester Beach and Fred Osius, produced Poplawski’s invention under the brand name Hamilton Beach Company. Fred Osius improved the appliance, making another kind of blender. He approached Fred Waring, a popular musician who financed and promoted the “Miracle Mixer”, released in 1933. However the appliance had some problems to be solved about the seal of the jar and the knife axis, so Fred Waring redesigned the appliance and released his own blender in 1937, the famous Waring Blendor with which Waring popularized the smoothie in the 1940s. Waring Products is now a part of Conair. Waring long used the spelling “blendor” for its product.

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