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Stay organized cleaning tip -3

By October 21, 2016May 19th, 2019No Comments

Now that you are committed to being organized and are making lists part of your life, it is time for a new organization habit:  Have a place for everything and always take the time to put things where they belong. It is easy at the end of a harried, busy day to dump everything on the kitchen table or at the front door, but it is just as easy to teach yourself and family members to take the 3 extra minutes to put things where they go: hang the school backpack on the hook, hang up your sweatshirt, take your lunch box to the kitchen and put you keys on the key hook.  The added benefit of this habit: you spend less time searching for “lost” items! Until everyone is on board with this new habit, it may take some added effort incentivizing or reminding, but once everyone is on board, you will have consistent order instead of chaos!

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