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Stay organized cleaning tip -4

By October 24, 2016September 3rd, 2019No Comments


As you begin to instruct, incentivize and help create new organized habits in yourself and family, it is important to also recognize the importance of this organization cleaning tip: Get your children involved. It is so easy to just “do it yourself” because having the patience to teach young ones the habits and discipline of participating in chores and an orderly house can be trying.  The investment will be worth it in the long run so take the time today to instill this discipline in your children. When they toss a toy after playing or take off their clothes, before they move on to the next thing insist they put the toy away (“hey kido, that doesn’t got there, please put it away before you take out another toy”) or toss dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Before playtime, get kids involved in chores such as sorting laundry or dusting their room. At dinner time encourage them to put away their toys and come help chop or stir or set the table.  The youngest of children are capable of learning these positive habits, it will give you time to teach and mentor and chat with your child and children love being given the sense of importance and ownership that work brings.  You simply should not underestimate the long term benefits you and your children will derive from your efforts to instill these positive habits. Think of it as an investment in a positive, peaceful, orderly future!

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