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Cleaning tip for removing cigarette odor -3

By November 18, 2016September 3rd, 2019No Comments


Now that you have removed and washed all machine-washable fabric items in the home (see tip #1) and treated non-washable fabrics such as carpets and couches (see tip #2), this final step is a must.  Fill a bucket with 25% water and 75% vinegar (you will need to stock up!).  Take your microfiber rags, wet them in the solution, ring out and wipe down all walls, doors, base, moldings, interior windows, sills and furniture. Get a microfiber extension mop for the ceilings (this is imperative as the smoke and soot rises and your ceilings need this cleaning the most). It is a tedious process, but you will be back where you started if you do not finish the odor remediation with this step.  A touch of citrus degreaser and dish soap in the solution will also help.

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