10 Discerning Must Ask Questions When Hiring a House Cleaning Service

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Everyone knows how to clean, right? Look under house cleaners in your yellow pages or google local companies and you will find a long list of choices for home cleaning services, but is every housekeeping service the same?

The simple answer is absolutely not.

You need to be discerning in your choice of house cleaning services to protect your home’s investment, your hard earned dollars and to be honest: your sanity!

The fact is that starting a housekeeping service isn’t that difficult and there are many unexperienced fly-by-night services out there and it can be confusing to know who to choose.

Price may be a big factor in your choice, but the old adage “you get what you pay for” holds true for cleaning services above all else.  It may seem that it couldn’t make that big of a difference, how hard is it to clean anyway?

What could go wrong?

A lot.

Here are 10 specific things to think about when looking for your next housekeeping service.

1. Are they licensed, insured and bonded?

Accidents happen, are they prepared to take responsibility for breakage or an accident while cleaning your home?

2. Do they have good reviews?

Testimonials matter.

Yes, it is true, cleaning companies are only going to give you good referrals. However, in today’s high tech world you should be able to get dozens of positive reviews online via Yelp, Google or even on the company’s website.

If they have more than a handful, you can be relatively certain they are real and not made up. Don’t worry about the random bad review in a mix of dozens of good ones. Every once in a while a company comes across an unreasonable client (that often is fishing for a discount) that you just cannot please.

3. How did you feel when you called for service?

Did you get good customer service? Did you get a sense that they knew what they were talking about? Do they guarantee their work? Were they happy to hear from you, cheerful and informative?

4. Are their housekeepers trained in proper cleaning products?

It only takes a second to ruin your marble kitchen counter or bathroom vanities with the wrong product. This could cost you thousands! What about your wood floors or stainless steel appliances? Experience and knowledge is key to ensuring that your service knows what they are doing and do not damage your home.

5. What does the service do to ensure quality

service so that you get excellence, consistency and thoroughness for your fee? You are paying to get a final product that is better than even you would do yourself. There is nothing more frustrating to come home after service and find they missed dusting a whole area of the house, or didn’t get on top of the fridge or behind the toilet.

6. Do they have a professional, vibrant website?

A company’s website speaks volumes about the company itself. Pay attention to the quality, professionalism and content of their website.

7. Does the company invest in its staff?

A service is only as good as its people. Are their staff well paid? Do they have uniforms? Do they have company vehicles? Are they professional, smiling, courteous, helpful and initiative driven?

8. Are they priced right?

If the price seems too good to be true, it is!

A well run cleaning company has expensive overhead and back end support. They pay their staff well and even offer benefits. They invest in the company in order to retain good staff and provide you with the best possible service and they have the infrastructure to hold their employees accountable for excellence and professional behavior consistently.

If you want professionals that take their job seriously where you, the client are important to them and it’s not just a paycheck to them, you will need to be willing to pay a little more.

9. Do they come prepared?

Do they have the right equipment and supplies? Are they well maintained and clean? Do they have what they need to solve a cleaning problem like hard water on your shower doors, mildew in your tile or the proper product for your specialty floors or natural stone?

10. Do they communicate with you?

Do you get a reminder before your service? Do they let you know if they are running late? Do they communicate any concerns or problems they encountered during services?

Not all home cleaning services are made equal. Don’t go through a disastrous, stressful and uncomfortable experience with your next home cleaning services. Asking and answering these 10 discerning questions will help you get your money’s worth and it just may save your marble, and your sanity.

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  • I like how you said that the best cleaning services will stay in communication with us if they’re running late or have any concerns about the project. I want to find a cleaning service to hire as a gift for my sister this year since she’s been really busy working two jobs. Thanks for teaching me what kinds of questions to ask when evaluating cleaning services in her area.

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