Spring Cleaning-A Day at a Time Part 1

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Just the thought of “Spring Cleaning” can induce stress in even the best of us and hiring someone to do this cleaning tradition isn’t always in the budget.  But the benefits are true, and many.  Who doesn’t appreciate a deep cleaned home now and then?  Spring cleaning is a great tradition in that it is preventative maintenance for your home and its belongings at least once a year and the long term payoffs are great.  So…if you cannot afford to hire out, try these tips to do your cleaning a day at a time so that you don’t get quite so overwhelmed!

Day 1:

Make good use of your dishwasher… not just for dishes! Dish wash your lamp fixtures, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, plastic toys, kitchen stove parts, and much more.

Day 2:

Wash your windows and do it when it’s cloudy.  Sunny days make window washing much tougher than it needs to be.  Window washing trick: use soapy dish water and a sponge to suds up the windows and then squeegee off drying the edges with a paper towel or microfiber rag.

Day 3:

Your floors stay cleaner when you have a mat inside and one outside your door, but they don’t do the trick if they are dirty. Hose off and air-dry exterior mats and through the indoor ones in the wash!

Day 4:

Dust all those forgotten places like lamp shades, curtains, throw pillows and more. An easy trick for some of these items is to throw into your dryer on air-only for about 15 minutes.  Also, lint rollers work great for lamp shades and sides of couches and much more.

Day 5:

Use rubber gloves to rid your furniture of excessive pet fur. Lint rollers are great…but in a house with lots of furry friends they can take forever. Rubber gloves run across the furniture will remove it fast and easy!

Day 6:

Freshen your mattresses by vacuuming thoroughly both top and side, spot cleaning with peroxide cleaner, drying and then sanitizing with your favorite sanitizing spray.

Day 7:

Degrease kitchen cabinets.  You must keep ahead of the grease in the kitchen, especially on cabinets!  Take day 7 to degrease especially on cabinets around the stove and oven.

Day 8:

Deep clean your dishwasher.  Do a wash cycle with a dishwasher cleaner.

Day 9:

Shine all your stainless steel. We love Cerama Bryte! Take the time to get the sides, tops, fronts and everything for longer lasting beautiful appliances.

Day 10:

Clean your vacuum.  Take out the old back, clean it, put in as new bag and if necessary get it serviced.

Day 11-13:

Deep clean your drawers… maybe a room at a time so it isn’t too much at once, or… enlist the rest of the family!  Pull items out, wipe the drawers inside and out and while putting items back throw out items that you no longer need/use.

Day 14:

Deep clean the grout in your bathroom floors, counters or showers. A good peroxide cleaner will do the trick!

Day 15:

Clean your washing machine:  run a cycle with 3-4 cups vinegar and ½ cup baking soda for top loaders and ¼ cup vinegar and 4 tbsp. baking soda for front loaders.  Turn off once full and let sit for 20-60 minutes and then restart the machine.   Don’t forget to wipe down tops, sides and detergent loading area.


Now you are 15 days in and doing great!  One day at a time makes a big difference and you for sure see a difference in your house too! Check back in a couple weeks for the rest of our Spring Cleaning A Day at a Time tips and for more fun facts and info on Spring Cleaning, check out our other Spring Cleaning Fun Facts Blog.


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