Spring Cleaning-A Day at a Time Part 2

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You are now about half way through a thorough, detailed cleaning of your house.  This is fantastic!  Not only do I bet you feel better, but your house does too and the preventative care is really going to pay off!  For the next 15 days, enjoy a task at a time and use this opportunity to enjoy your home and simplify. Toss out things you come across that you haven’t used or that are old and ready to go. Once you’re done, beauty and lightness will fill your home and you will be so glad you did it!

Day 16:

Clean all your cutting boards.  Get coarse salt and cover each cutting board with salt and let sit for a few hours or even overnight if you can.  Then, use a lemon cut in half to “scrub” the salty board.  The salt pulls moisture from the board and sanitizes as does the lemon which also removes stains and smells.

Day 17:

Cloth or sturdy grocery bags are the new craze and required in many places now, but they need to be cleaned too.  Lingering bacteria from previous visits to the grocery store can be dangerous. Toss the cloth ones in the wash or turn the plastic ones inside out and wipe with a sanitizing wipe.

Day 18:

Wash all your bedding, including the things you don’t usually wash like the pillows, comforters and mattress pad.  Spray mattress with a peroxide cleaner or Lysol cleaner to disinfect.

Day 19:

Deep clean your microwave with this trick:  Put a large 4 cup microwave-safe bowl in the microwave with 1 cup water and chopped up lemon or lime and several tablespoons of vinegar inside. Turn on high for several minutes or until it boils and the window is steamy, then let it sit and cool for 15 minutes before you easily wipe out the baked on food and stains.

Day 20:

Use rubber gloves to rid your furniture of excessive pet fur. Lint rollers are great…but in a house with lots of furry friends they can take forever. Rubber gloves run across the furniture will remove it fast and easy!

Day 21:

I bet you have never cleaned this:  the slots in your knife block!  Use the vacuums crevice tool, a pipe cleaner or a blow dryer to blow out all the crumbs and crud that get stuck in there.

Day 22:

Polish your copper pots.  Guess what you use?  Ketchup!  Just massage the ketchup over the copper pots to remove tarnish and bring up their shine. You can add a little salt if there are stubborn stains.

Day 23:

Here we go… today it’s time to simplify!  Get rid of un-needed, unused, broken or old items such as magazines you have stacked up, catalogs, makeup you never use, coffee mugs that only collect dust and unused hangers (just a few examples).  You can recycle, give away or even sell on places like Ebay or Letgo.

Day 24:

Time to clean the oven.  Got a self-cleaning oven? Yippee!  Run the cycle and then once it has cooled, just wipe out with a damp rag.  If not, you can use an oven cleaner (be careful of fumes or letting it drip down stainless steel or onto your floor) and follow the directions or you can try spritzing with some ammonia after chipping off burnt on food etc. and then sprinkle with baking soda and add a few drops of white vinegar. Let it bubble for a minute or two and then wipe away grime with a sponge.

Day 25:

Clear out vents such as you heating ducts and air conditioning vents or they will blow dust throughout your home.  Use your vacuum with its soft brush attachment.  Oh!  And don’t forget to change the filters too!

Day 26:

Clean patio furniture with a soft scrub brush and a sudsy mix of water and dish detergent.  Then, rinse easily with a garden hose.

Day 27:

Clean your refrigerator. Pull everything out and take apart cleaning drawers and shelves in the sink with soapy water (let glass shelves warm up to room temperature before washing to avoid breaking the glass) and then clean out the sides, bottoms and doors with a peroxide cleaner to sanitize safely.

Day 28:

How often have you told yourself you need to clean out your cluttered purse?  Take a day to take everything out, vacuum it out, wipe it down and treat with leather cleaner if it’s leather and then toss out garbage and put back just what you need.

 Day 29

Clean your kitchen sink and remove stains with a little cream cleanser or try cutting a lemon in half and rubbing the sink with the lemon and letting sit.  When you are done, run the lemon in the garbage disposal to remove stinky smells and to clean the blades.

Day 30

Detail vacuum your home with your vacuum attachments to rid it of dust bunnies, bugs, cobwebs and more.  You might even find something you thought was long lost!  Move from room to room with your vacuum attachment and get under, behind and in between walls and furniture pieces until you have gotten through the whole house. Vacuum high AND low… and if it has been a while you might even want to use the brush floor attachment to vacuum the walls

Now you are 15 days in and doing great!  One day at a time makes a big difference and you for sure see a difference in your house too! Check back in a couple weeks for the rest of our Spring Cleaning A Day at a Time tips and for more fun facts and info on Spring Cleaning, check out our other Spring Cleaning Fun Facts Blog.

Congratulations!  Enjoy your clean and organized home!

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