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How to get rid of kitchen smells cleaning tip

By May 25, 2017July 22nd, 2019No Comments
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One of the best things about beautifully home cooked meals are the yummy smells eminating from the kitchen when your family gets home from work or school…memories that last a lifetime. Just last night we had family over and it was so lovely to hear the “Mmmmm, smells so good” as they each arrived to share a family meal.  Still, you don’t want the food smells lingering forever!  When its time to kick the dinner smell or the stinky fish smell after your seafood meal, check out this easy cleaning tip:  Put a cup or two of white vinegar in a sauce pan and simmer for a few hours.  When its time to go to bed, turn off the burner and let sit.  This tip will return your home to smelling like– well… nothing!

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