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Awesome Cleaning Hack from our CEO #1 (Cleaning Tip)

By May 7, 2018July 8th, 2019No Comments

Cleaning Tip:

When cooking, clean as you go to avoid the dreaded pile up of pots, pans, cooking equipment and preparation dishes.  There are many great reasons for this:

  1. Whoever has the dishes’ chore will thank you!
  2. Makes for a more pleasant working space while cooking
  3. It’s healthier because you avoid food contamination
  4. Cleanup is fast because ingredients don’t have time to dry and get “caked on” making for more scrubbing
  5. Makes you look like a pro — “where’s the mess?”. 
  6. When you are done it doesn’t look like a tornado swooped through the kitchen and gives you peace of mind and enjoyment of the outcome:  Yummy Food Yay!
  7. -If you are in charge of the after meal dishes, now all you have are a few things to put in the dishwasher and after a long hard day of work and then meal prep- we all know the dreaded dishes pile up chore is the worst– you are just too tired by then and so they end up waiting until morning and who wants to wake up to that mess?  That’s no way to start your day!

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