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Awesome Cleaning Hack from our CEO #2 (Cleaning Tip)

By May 16, 2018July 8th, 2019No Comments

Cleaning Tip:

Each day, Monday through Friday, schedule 1 room of the house to clean.  If you have kids to help, schedule them to do part of the work or if you have a big house.  Make it part of your normal routine… just like doing homework before dinner.  Make it fun!  Put on some music everyone likes or catch up on each other’s’ days while working.

• If you have a small home or priority cleaning chores (like bathrooms and floors) schedule 1 chore per day:  Monday: vacuum floors.  Tuesday:  Clean toilet and sink.  Wednesday:  Clean kitchen.  Thursday: dust.

This cleaning tip will help free up your weekends, create learning experiences for the family, instill good habits and be bonding for everyone involved!

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