Our Excellent Employee Culture

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Every time I interview a potential new team member, one of the things I tell them is that at Master Clean USA, we recognize that our staff is our treasure.  We have goals for the business… growth we want to realize and profit we look to attain… but without a strong, excellent and professional staff, we cannot get there.

In order that we attract the best of the best for the job and then retain them long term, we have built a culture of demonstrable appreciation for our staff that has transformed us over the last number of years.

We have been in business for over 25 years now, but just recently in the last 5 years, have we seen the kind of exponential growth we dreamed of all those years ago.  Why?

Our Investment

We made a very conscience decision to invest in our employees.  Even when the company was scraping funds together to make ends meet, we gave all we could to better wages, better working environment and a little at a time benefits such as health care, retirement, bonuses and yes, even paid vacation from a cleaning company!

Moreover, we work very hard to make the job a pleasure.  Celebrations and holiday parties for both employees and their families as well as gifts and games and fun: We want people to want to come to work.

We want people to love work so much that we ask them at the monthly company-wide meetings to give us their input on what motivates them, what we can do to make their jobs easier and safer and what their un-met needs are.

When I tell the interviewee that they are our potential treasure and offer all these wonderful things, I also make sure they know that we have high expectations and they will be held accountable for excellence and professionalism in every aspect of their job.  If the potential employee is the right one for the job, they like this idea.  This means a safe work environment with attainable goals and rules that are explained and followed.

It means less chaos and more opportunity and fairness.

It means they will be treated with respect and recourse if they are not.

It Takes Time

Hiring, as most companies would likely say, is the hardest part of our job.  Even with the kind of excellence and benefits we offer, it is still hard to find the right fit.  We often go through 10-20 applicants (often hiring and firing them along the way) before we find the one jewel… the keeper.  But once we have their attention, our goal is to keep it.

Our success is dependent on our spending as much time investing in them as we do in our services, products and growth.  Without them, we cannot be successful, so we have learned to find out what they want to see in their company and work towards making that happen… it has been a success and our growth is a testament to this culture.

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