With Gratitude-Fall into the Season

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Ever since I was a little girl I loved the special sense of knowing when fall had arrived.  I always thought this knowing was unique to me – that undeniable moment when you walk outside after a California summer and the cool crispness of the air announces Autumn.  Still to this day I cherish that ever surprising moment when you can smell Thanksgiving in the air.

Autumn’s “surprising” arrival likely has much to do with the year-round Southern California mild weather.  I imagine that in other places around the country the announcement that fall is here is so stunning that its hardly a surprise. Here in Santa Barbara the cool, crisp fall smell is announced so suddenly that it brings with it a hopeful joy of things to come.  I have learned that this “fall is here moment” is not unique to me, but what it means to each of us is quite different.


In our office, for Lupita our Operations Manager, the arrival of fall means spooky ring tones, decorating for Halloween and jack-o-lanterns.  The crisp proclamation that fall is here reminds her of special childhood memories with her mom.  A single mom who had to work a lot, she was unable to make school conferences or spend much time with Lupita one on one.  But when Halloween came along she says, for some reason she made a point to make it special.  She would put on a sheet like a ghost and dress up Lupita and take her all over the neighborhood – a togetherness that she cherishes to this day.


For Brandee, our General Manager, it is relationship, family, parties and fun. It’s fall fashion, warm clothes and no more flip flops.  It’s baking, decorating, and stew pies.  It’s football season!  As a child it was spending special times with family and people you don’t see all year and sitting on everyone’s laps.  Now she says its hard to explain… she never thinks she likes fall until it is here and she finds herself smiling at the changing leaves and warm feeling it brings.



For Kari, our Social Media Director, its warm colors and cooler days.  It’s the smell of nutmeg and cloves in every bakeshop and pumpkins everywhere.  It’s no excuse to not have coffee or tea, and perfect morning weather to go for a hike.  It’s the best lighting and candles all the time.  Messy kitchens because everyone is trying those fancy new fall recipes on Pinterest, and messy homes because everyone is over for Thanksgiving.  It is scary movie nights during October and warm hugs from people because its not hot anymore and everyone secretly knows that fall is the time to hug tight.

For Skip, our other owner and President of our Stone Division, fall is the end of summer and beginning of winter.  It’s wood burning stoves firing up, apple picking and Thanksgiving.  It’s making sure my wife puts on her warm coat so we are ready to pick out the biggest Christmas tree on the lot.  It’s apple cider, apple pies and gratitude for a life filled with blessings, family and friends.


For most of our employees it brings news of a celebration that is somewhat newly adopted:  Thanksgiving.  The culture of gratitude, big turkey dinners and family get togethers with their own unique contributions such as tamales and menudo.


For me it will forever announce the wonder of a season of togetherness. Games and fun-times around the dining table, giving gifts and the appreciation for the extraordinary blessings of life and liberty and the adventures to come.  It is the hugs and the kisses, the laughter and the joyful tears. It’s the baking and cooking, decorating and all the pie you can eat.  It’s fudge. It’s grandmas and grandpas and sons and daughters, moms and dads and friends popping in.  It’s a time when the supernatural spirit literally touches this world through its people and through their hopeful joy

For our whole team here at Master Clean USA it is a thankful time.  A time we reflect on not only family times to come, but family we have made with our employees and clients.  It’s the lives we have been able to touch for the better and the ability to serve.  It’s gratitude for being given the ability to make a living for ourselves and create jobs so others can do the same for themselves.  This fall, crisp day it’s the anticipation for all the new adventures to come for the company and for our lives and appreciation to all of you who make it possible!

Thank you!

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