Common Household Items You can Re-use to de-clutter your home!

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Maybe it is my thrifty nature but there is almost nothing more satisfying than to find multiple uses for common household items.  It isn’t just about saving money.  It’s satisfying to find multiple uses for items that help you be more self-sustaining.  Taking care of one’s self and those you love with the every-day things in your home can become a kind of riddle and fun challenge to each day.

Grocery jars:

I absolutely love jars! Tall jars, fat jars, big and small jars.

There is nothing better to send home leftover soup or spaghetti sauce with the kids or freeze the leftover chili for another day!

My grandpa screwed baby food jar lids to the underside of his work bench shelves and kept screws and nails in the jars.  Those little hanging, see-through jars were a perfect way to organize and also see what all he had!

Also keep bigger jars handy to empty used oils and grease from cooking and simply put the top on and toss when done!


Paint metal tins both large and small and make flower vases for a beautiful country look. You can also drill small holes in the bottom and use for outside plant and herbs.

Egg Cartons:

Use egg cartons to start your little seedlings or sort your earrings and jewelry or other small stuff that jumbles around in drawers.

Cupcake Wrappers:

Use cupcake wrappers as tops to your homemade jams and jellies- just tie a twine or ribbon bow around the top!

Old Plastic Bottles:

Use old soda liter bottles as a funnel in a pinch- cut the top 4-5 inches off and use the pouring spout as the bottom of the funnel to prevent spilling.

Onion Bags:

Mesh onion bags cut into squares can be used as dish scrubbers for stuck on food without scratching

Tissue Boxes:

Old tissue boxes are great for storing plastic grocery sacks.

Toilet Paper Rolls:

Cardboard tubes such as toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls can be used to organizing extra cables.

Dryer Sheets:

Used laundry fabric softening sheets can be stored in an old tissue box and used to dust your furniture and electronics!

Wine Corks:

Use wine corks to quiet your cupboards- slice them thin and glue to the corners of cabinets to keep them from slamming. If you are really ambitious use your old corks in an old frame and create a new bulletin board!

There are so many things just laying around our homes and garages that can be used and re-used for organization,  fun and play and even decoration!

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