Weekly Organizing and Cleaning List to Simplify your Life

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So much these days can overwhelm us with everyone in school, work, activities and social events.  There is hardly time to think about cleaning.

Especially as we come into the holiday season, there is always so much to do, so much to plan, and never enough time for it all.  Cleaning often gets relegated to the bottom of the list… you know that list, the one called:

Tomorrow’s to Dos. 

Hiring a professional cleaning service isn’t always an option in everyone’s budget, but there are some tricks that can help get you through this essential chore this week, and not be overwhelmed while you do it:

Assign each room a day of the week.

Assign the priority rooms to days of the week that have less family activities such as the bathroom that everyone uses as opposed to the master bath no one else sees.

Ie: Monday: living room, Tuesday: Office area, Wednesday: kids’ room etc.

Assign a chore to the room on different days of the week/month. For example- the family room may need every chore every Monday because it is so well used, but the office may only need dusting one week and then the floors the following so that different cleaning chores are rotated from week to week and it doesn’t take as long.  On off weeks, assign baseboards, blinds and door frames and you will keep up on those special details that often get missed

Create a plan:

it doesn’t have to take more than 15 minutes to dust a room and if you schedule chore time with the whole family, the dusting, pick up and floor vacuuming/cleaning of the living room will be done in short order if each family member is assigned one small task!  An added bonus is that once the family sees how “easy” it is… maybe complaining will slow down and it will naturally get done

Make one day of the week “pick up and put away day” and nothing else.

There is nothing that can cause more stress and overwhelmed feelings than clutter and things not in their place.  If you make a habit of “pick up and put away day” you will find that your house always looks and feels cleaner and the actual cleaning chores are fast and easy.

Make cleaning family time and fun!

Put on everyone’s favorite music or create a playlist with all the songs that everyone will love. Play the music loud and dance and sing and make fun of this time or allow it to be a special time when everyone can check in with each other as they clean.

Remember this isn’t just for you!

As we here at Master Clean USA can attest to after many summers cleaning up after local college students, cleaning is a long-lost art!  Creating this time of discipline where your family and children learn these important life skills will benefit everyone in the long run… including your kid’s roommates or future spouses!

If you miss a day, don’t sweat it!

Now that you have a plan and cleaning isn’t always relegated to Tomorrow to Dos, if you need to skip a day- who cares!?  Everything is clean and missing one day will not feel like failure anymore!

There is no reason to let cleaning overwhelm you.  Take it a step at a time and get a system in place where the whole family participates in this rewarding work.  Not only will you have less stress around the home, but you will have created unexpected family time and beneficial discipline and teaching moments that literally will last a lifetime!

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