Gardener Gains: A new garden for the month of January!

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There are a million resolutions that I find myself making as we head into a new year.  Eat better, lose weight, exercise more, enjoy family… you know, all those things we plan on doing every year and tell ourselves we will be better disciplined this year and really do.

Gardening has become such a joy for me, and I find that it gets better each year as I learn more about how much to plant, when to plant and what to plant so that we make the most of the garden.

Gardening is a real passion of mine, and I am excited to share the joy I have discovered with you in this blog. From richer tasting vegetables packed with even more nutrients, to how much money one can save on produce over the course of a year.

Since I first began, I have gone from a small backyard garden in 4 raised garden beds to a hillside garden that can be as big as I want.  If you are looking for a little extra joy in 2019, why not try a garden on for size?

Which I bring up to say that you don’t need to let space be a constraint!

You can grow your favorite produce even when you are tight on space, and you don’t have to be an expert!

Further, I have found that planning in January will go a long way to encourage you to grow what you can, get creative with your space, time and budget, and help keep the process from turning into a dreaded and stressful chore.

First step?

Start today with a little time set aside to plan.

  • •Find a fun little notebook that you dedicate to this new activity.
  • •Sit with your coffee or tea and take your time and enjoy the process.
  • •Start by creating a map with an outline of your beds and how they will fit comfortably in your backyard.
  • •In each bed, draw in and label the plants you have decided you would like to have. Each year you will want to rotate plants, so this will be great documentation to use for next year.
  • •Check plant pairing recommendations (companion planting),  or The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Companion Planting by Happy DIY, so you know what plants to pair together in the same beds.
  • •If you are going to plant from seed, look through some seed catalogs and purchase your seeds.
  • •If you want to start from seedlings… make your shopping list.

Check out the planting zone chart for your area to get an idea of when you can start planting your crops so you know when it is best to buy the seedlings or start planting your seeds.


This first step will give your new venture direction.

Enjoy the planning! It wont be long now before you start getting your hands dirty!

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