Waking Up Early: A Trick For a More Productive Day!

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It is no secret in our family- I am a morning person. I think I have always loved to get up in the quiet mornings because it was the only real “me” time I got.

As a young mom, I was too exhausted after bedtimes at the end of the day to do anything for myself, much less get anything accomplished and getting up before the roosters (so to speak) became a routine I learned to love and still do to this day.

As CEO of a growing company, my time and attention are at a premium and so getting to the office by 5am means I get almost 3 hours without telephones ringing or staff vying for my attention.

It is a priceless time of productivity and peace of mind. My internal clock wakes me at 2:52AM every morning (before my alarm goes off at 3:20am) allowing me plenty of time for my morning routine and to get on the road by 4:20am.

Many might call me crazy, and I will say that I love my weekends where I get to “sleep in” until 6am before I naturally wake up. Still, I have found that mornings are extra important for the success of the rest of the day and I have grown to love those early dark hours and miss them if I don’t get them.

Not only are they productive, but they are quiet and contemplative.

They are the times when I get my best ideas and when I feel closest to God. I highly recommend trying it out for 30-45 days and see if you find your productivity and peace of mind skyrocketing too!

Here are a few things that might help you engage in this new habit:

  •  Allow yourself to go to bed early and get good rest. I barely make it until 8pm most nights and 9pm is the latest. You must get sleep so give yourself permission to call it a night early
  •  Don’t eat late– you will feel your best if you stop eating at 7pm
  •  Leave your phone in another room, do not go to bed with the TV on and make sure there are not other “blue lighted” contraptions around. This is known to interfere with good sleep.
  •  Put your alarm on the other side of the room.
  • Get up when you wake up or alarm goes off. Do not ever push snooze and don’t rationalize “a few more minutes”. Just get up. That is the hardest part and soon enough the routine will be in place and it won’t be so hard anymore
  •  Make getting up early a joy.
  •  Make your coffee and enjoy it.
  •  Get little things ready for the day without hurrying.
  •  Cultivate excitement for what your day will bring and you will “pop” out of bed!
  •  Eat well and take care of your health. If you and your body are well, you will have more success!

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