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Common Spots in Your Home You Always Forget to Clean

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I spend a lot of time working with our cleaning crews to help them understand that the service we provide is a profession, not a job and certainly not a chore. What we do takes an eye for detail, experience and know-how.

Special care must be taken when cleaning in a home .

A detailed approach should be taken in every room to establish its preventative maintenance. Many of us who clean our own homes know the feeling. Cleaning is not what we want our weekends to be about.

So, we quickly vacuum and mop, or wipe just the visible spaces to give a sense of cleanliness only to realize a few weeks or months down the road, those commonly forgotten spots overtime make for a very dirty feeling space.  So, if you are a do-it-yourselfer, make sure these commonly forgotten areas are not missed and your future self will thank you!

Under furniture:

Couches, beds and pieces such as dressers and tables collect dust bunnies, rogue crumbs (which attract pests) and pet dander leading to an overall unclean and unpleasant home odor.  A quick vacuum with a tool vac and occasional mop with a good peroxide cleaner (safe for most any floor type) will make a world of difference.

Something to keep in mind, however, is your pets! When cleaning anywhere in your home you have to ensure your furry friends are safe! This article provides so many helpful tips to clean your home while simultaneously protecting your companions from harmful chemicals!

Common Spots in Your Home You Always Forget to Clean under furniture

Doors, door frames, baseboards and other molding:

Dust collects here too, not to mention dirty spots from constant touching (like around those door handles). Maintaining clean molding can be as easy as using a good lamb’s-wool duster once a week to keep the dust from accumulating and a sanitizing wipe around door handles and touch spots as you see them.  If you wait too long, a simple duster won’t do the trick and you will have a lot more work for yourself.

Common Spots in Your Home You Always Forget to Clean door frames


Clean blinds will stay clean forever by running a lamb’s-wool duster or dry microfiber rag over them 1x per week. It is fast and easy. Let it stay dirty too long and you will be better off replacing them!

Toilet bases and surround:

All too often we don’t clean the toilet base and surround where dusty, smelly messes collect. Use a sanitizing wipe or peroxide spray and wipe down!  Do it regularly and it’s a breeze.

Common Spots in Your Home You Always Forget to Clean toilet base

Entryway and front door:

We come in and out of our homes so often we don’t see the cobwebs and build-up of dust everyone else sees first!  It takes less than 5 minutes, once a week to dust away and keep those first impressions intact.

Refrigerator door handle: 

This spot of the house is often one of the most unsanitary.  Constant opening and shutting with hands covered in food prepping for dinner or little muddy hands looking for a snack. Take a sanitizing wipe each night after dinner and wipe it down!

Common Spots in Your Home You Always Forget to Clean refrigerator door handle

Backsplashes and behind counter appliances:

These areas accumulate dust and grease and over time get really grimy.  Make a habit of moving everything off of your counter and giving your backsplash a good, soapy cleaning each night as part of doing the dishes.

Stove hood:

If you are consistently wiping this down with a soapy microfiber rag as part of your nightly chores, you will save yourself the significant headache of a difficult-to-clean, grease-caked mess in the future!

Common Spots in Your Home You Always Forget to Clean oven hood

Furniture bases and feet:

It isn’t readily obvious how dirty these areas are getting over time, but it becomes one of the bigger household chores to complete if you neglect its upkeep.

Common Spots in Your Home You Always Forget to Clean furniture

Picture frames and nic-nacs:  

These areas are often missed because you don’t easily see the dusty buildup but regular cleaning makes all the difference.

Keeping up with the cleaning of commonly missed areas of your home can potentially be very daunting, but if you ensure they are regularly attended to, these tasks won’t get overwhelming and you will do wonders for the care of your home.

If you are doing it yourself, keep after these chores a little at a time each week. If you have a professional cleaning your home, make sure that these commonly missed areas are part of their comprehensive scope so that you get the most from hiring a professional.

Jessica Jankoski

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