Cleaning Product of the Month: Microfiber Duster

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Remember the iconic image of a housekeeper or maid with a feather duster raised like a magical wand exemplifying cleaning?

It makes for a nice logo to be sure, but feather dusters have long since been replaced by other tools that do a much better job and I would contend that microfiber dusters are king.

We at Master Clean USA have used lambswool dusters for many years but have switched to the microfiber alternative. Like lambswool that is a dust attractor and gentle on surfaces, the microfiber duster has an electrostatic charge that attracts and holds the dust.

They grab enough dust that most surfaces can be cleaned in one pass.

Get the ones with telescoping poles and they are amazing for:

  •         Ceiling fans
  •         Cobwebs in corners
  •         Maintaining blinds
  •         Maintaining baseboards and door frames
  •         Cleaning under and around bases of furniture
  •         Make quick work of dusting windowsills and other hard to reach areas

We also use them for all our construction cleaning jobs to pull the last of the white dust from the walls after vacuuming.

On top of all that… they last a long time!

You can wash them hundreds of times and they don’t lose their effectiveness. There is no doubt that the microfiber duster should be in everyone’s cleaning toolbox and our crews couldn’t live without them!

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