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Cleaning Product of the Month: Goo Gone

By April 25, 2019September 8th, 2022No Comments

There are not many cleaning products that can tout themselves as a household name.

Windex, for example comes to mind as synonymous with window cleaners, and April’s product of the month, Goo Gone, is truly synonymous with get-that-sticky-stuff-off!

Goo gone is another one of the cleaning product tool’s in our cleaning team’s arsenals that is matchless.

cleaning product goo gone

Whether it’s removing the thousands of stickers students place on their dorm room doors and furniture or getting scuff marks up from a floor, every one of our crew members ensures this essential is always on hand.

The key benefit is not just the removal of adhesive or sticky messes quickly- it’s that it removes these messes while most often not affecting the surface.

Since its invention, the company has created a myriad of products under the Goo Gone name to deal with essentially every cleaning mess.

Our favorite is the original formula and find it useful at making our jobs a little bit easier.

  • Try it yourself on these grimy or unwanted messes:
  • It can remove crayon from walls
  • Easily remove stickers
  • Remove gum
  • Get glue out
  • Remove adhesive (this is a godsend for us on our construction jobs where tape residue can be everywhere)

*Do not use on silk, leather, suede, rubber, faux stainless steel, drywall, unfinished wood surfaces, unsealed stone!

The original formula comes in a liquid (great for stickers) or spray gel (really helpful for vertical surfaces so that it runs less).

Other products include kitchen degreasers, paint remover and many other cleaners to help with the toughest of home cleaning projects!

They even have a new product that you can use to remove sticky adhesive and other residue from your skin!

Jessica Jankoski

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