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How to Know When a Cleaning Service Did a Good Job

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Here at Master Clean USA Inc.™, we pride ourselves in being the company that can catch what the others miss.  

Our teams are trained to look for the details that make a difference and take initiative and pride in final cleaning outcomes.  This is what professionals should do, and it is what the client expects.

How do you know if your cleaning service did a good job?

How do you know if your house is not just surfaceclean?

Anyone can wipe down a surface and give the quick appearance of clean- but it takes a diligent, focused process and keen eye to catch the details that make your home “really” clean.

If you are hiring someone to clean for you, it is likely that your expectation is more than surface clean.

Just make it look clean” cleaning, is not what most clients are paying for and not the hallmark of our company’s work.

So how do you know if you are getting what you pay for?

After your next service, check the following areas for the “clean-test”.  If they pass, you can be confident that you received a quality service.

Clean Test

  •    Top of the refrigerator is clean
  •    The base of the toilet is clean as well as the floor around and behind the base
  •    Cobwebs have been removed in low as well as high areas (corners, behind doors etc)
  •    Check for dusting “paths”.  Is there a clean area in front of and/or around your knick knacks or can you tell  they were lifted and cleaned including under the décor
  •    Tops of picture frames are clean
  •    Light switches are clean
  •    Around door handles is clean
  •    Baseboards are dusted/clean
  •    Window sills are dusted and free from bugs
  •   Floors and/or carpets clean under furniture (beds, sofas etc)
  •   Bases of furniture have been dusted as well as their surfaces
  •   Ceiling Fans (if available)
  •   Inside of the Microwave
  •   Top of the shower door railing (if available)
  •   Stove Hood
  •   Bottom of upper cabinets

Our teams are trained to take special care of the things that really make your home sparkle and when you are paying a company to do a job, you ought to be able to expect that!

If you need any help with any cleaning needs in the Santa Barbara area… give us a call!

Jessica Jankoski

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