Gardener Gains: Raised Garden Beds

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I never would have imagined that gardening could be so wonderful.

From the outside looking in, it appears like a chore with all its shoveling and weeding and watering.

Then there is the worry and care to keep pests away and ensure your plants make it to harvest or bloom, not to mention all that one has to learn for pruning and other special care so that you get the best from your crop.

But the truth, I have found, is that it’s quite a joy.

raised garden beds

It relaxes the mind while working the body and produces such beauty, you just cannot help but finish refreshed and revived.

To participate in the care of a blooming sunflower or tomatoes on the vine just cannot compare! However, there are things that increase the ease and joy of the process and #1 in my book is gardening in raised beds.

Why Raised Beds are Better

  •  It isn’t so hard on you physically.  Kneeling and crouching and bending over can really zap the joy right out of the garden… especially as we get older.
  • They are great for growing small plots of vegetable gardens- it’s a great way to grow your own food with limited space
  • Raised beds prevent soil compaction and don’t need back-breaking tilling
  • They provide good drainage
  • It is easier to minimize weeds in these contained environments and MUCH easier to pull them!
  • They serve as a barrier to pests such as slugs and snails, and if you put wire on bottom before filling, you will keep the gophers and other root-eating pests away too! Because of their height, dogs are less likely to urinate on the plants and if you need to protect from deer or birds you can   put deer fencing directly on the bed or bird barriers such as cold frames or row covers.
  • Raised beds look nicer!
  • You can plant earlier in the season because soil will regulate temperatures better
  • These beds can help you avoid potentially contaminated soil and allow for amending easy
  • Raised beds are great for beginners! I started with just 2 my first year and now that I have the hang of it, we have 6!

Take it from a true novice.

Gardening is absolutely worthwhile for numerous reasons, but there are obstacles that might get in your way, so minimize those by starting your new gardening adventure with raised beds!

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