Cleaning Product of the Month: Windex

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There are few products on the planet whose quality and fame have caused their brand names to become synonymous with the item itself.

Coke, Kleenex, Popsicle, Q-tips, and Band-Aid are just a few successful products that are household names.

Windex, our cleaning product of the month, is another of these auspicious inventions whose brand name has become common for the product itself.

That alone should land it in our monthly “hall of fame” for cleaning products.

But it also enjoys this status for its quality and consistent streak free claim.

Homemade window cleaners and no-name brands might save you a buck or two, but we have found that the quality just does not compare.


Windex Glass Cleaner was introduced in 1936 (in the heart of the depression) as an automobile windshield cleaner by Philip Drackett.

In 1992, SC Johnson acquired The Drackett Company making it part of the SC Johnson family of brands.

Windex is so proud of its quality; it touts an offer:  “Streak-free or its free” money back guarantee right on its website.

If you decide to try out our claim for this product’s streak-free reputation, be sure you keep in mind some of the following tips:

  •  Avoid using Windex on very hot or cold surfaces.  The product may evaporate before wiping and cause streaking
  • Choose the right towel.  Extra-absorbent paper towels can leave lint and film behind because they are treated, cloths that contain fabric softener may leave a cloudy residue
  • Make sure there is no film left on the glass from a previous cleaner

Some of the Windex brand products contain ammonia, so be sure that you check this before using the produce on your specialty surfaces such as marble or stone countertops and vanities.

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