To Organize: How to Keep your Closet from Becoming a Disastrous mess

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Here at Master Clean USA, we spend a lot of time talking about organizationOrganization in the office, in our shop, in our vehicles, and on the job.

Organization is a key component of creating efficiency in the workplace, but it is also essential to minimizing stress and creating a work environment that is not only professional but peaceful.

It is no secret that an unorganized, chaotic space will produce stress rather than peace. Clutter around us, translates into our minds feeling cluttered too.

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A cluttered mind is not calm.

When we live in a chaotic, cluttered space, it is easy to feel out of control.

On the other hand, when things are organized, our minds can rest and have the energy to take on the real problems of the day.

Keeping our closet space from becoming a disastrous mess is the first step to starting our days out fresh, with a calm energy that can take us into our busy day.

Here are some ideas for managing the organization of this space so you too can start your days off right:

Get Your Closet Organization Started:

First things first, get your closet where you want it to be. Often a good time to do this is right after the laundry is done.  Take some extra time and organize.

• Hang your clothes all in the same direction by item type:

If you really want to get organized and create  a greater sense of order: hang each item type by color

Put your shoes together in pairs and line them up neatly:

Try getting a basket for flip-flops and  sandals or a door rack if space is limited

•  Buy storage containers or baskets for purses, belts, and other bulky items 
•  Hang your rod higher if you can and add a bar so that shorter items can be “stacked”
•  Purchase matching and specialty hangers
•  Remove the things you don’t wear:

This is hard to do, but not only creates space in your closet but space in your mind!

•  Maintain your organization:

Like anything else in life- don’t put it off!  Create a routine where you make  it a priority to take the few      extra minutes to keep organized

 Keep your clothing neat:

Take off your clothes and put them where they go rather than tossing on the floor or throwing them           into the closet.

•  Avoid just kicking off your shoes:

It takes a few extra seconds to place them neatly in their spot

•  On laundry day, don’t procrastinate:

Fold and put away items in their place.

•  Don’t buy what you don’t need:

Now that you are organized you can see what you actually have- don’t buy more, use what you have.

•  Purge regularly:

If something doesn’t fit or you haven’t worn it in months- consider making more space in your life and giving it to someone who can use it!

Closet organization can be a daunting prospect and most of us put it off over and over until we just can’t stand it anymore. By then, it is so overwhelming it is hard to know how to start.

Master Clean USA has helped many a client in this situation declutter and reclaim their space.

Give us a call today, we can help!

Jessica Jankoski

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