Gardener Gains: A Quick Seasonal Cheat Sheet

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I have shared in previous blogs about my newfound love of gardening.

It is a season to season learning experience.  

In Southern California, the weather is so mild that I have not had to worry too much about exact timing for certain plantings because we so seldom get frost and so often have warm weather. 

Our last move brought us a little farther north where frosts have been more common and this year’s warm weather was long in coming.

I noticed a big difference in production of heat loving plants (I still haven’t gotten a single ripe tomato or pepper!) and a loss of a few of the more delicate ones. 

So, for the future, I plan on sticking with the best practices for seasonal planting to avoid disappointment.

Here are a few hints I have learned along the way:

Spring and Fall Veggies:

This is the time to plant hardy and semi-hardy vegetables.

They should be planned for early spring for harvest in late spring and then again planted in late summer for harvest in fall. 

These tolerant options below will usually survive frosts and taste best when they mature in cool weather.

  1.       Broccoli
  2.       Brussels sprouts
  3.       Cabbage
  4.       Kale
  5.       Leeks
  6.       Spinach
  7.       Turnip
  8.       Radish

Summer Veggies:

Plant these options in high spring after the threat of frost. 

 We finally started getting warm weather about 3 weeks ago and all of a sudden the garden has exploded!

  1.       Corn
  2.       Cucumber
  3.       Eggplant
  4.       Melons
  5.       Gourds
  6.       Peppers
  7.       Pumpkins
  8.       Beans
  9.       Peas
  10.       Squash
  11.       Tomatoes

You might check out the frost map along with other information from Bonnie Plants along with pages and pages of information about gardening!

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