Product of the month: Bar Keepers Friend

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Bar Keepers Friend is similar to a previously mentioned favorite, Soft Scrub. Meaning that it is a ‘soft” cleanser that is very effective at cleaning a variety of dirty messes, but is gentle and doesn’t harm the surface.
This product is a powder similar to Comet or Ajax.
It got its initial fame as a metal cleaner/polish but also makes easy of removing burnt on problems, rust and more.
What has kept me coming back, is their story!

As they say on their about us page of their website:

It all started with rhubarb.

In 1882, a chemist in Indianapolis took a break from his work to cook up a pan of rhubarb. After plating his snack, he found that the formerly tarnished pot now sparkled!
Being a chemist, he set out to discover why.

The secret is Oxalic acid

It is found in rhubarb and other vegetables and it attacks stubborn rust, tarnish and lime stains at the molecular level.

He then developed a powder with the oxalic acid and sold it to taverns to polish their brass. Today, it is still a family owned business run out of Indianapolis. They sell a number of other quality products, with the motivation to solve problems for their customers.

Just the kind of company we all want around!

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