Practical and Affordable Tips for Staging Your Home

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Online technology has made it easier than ever to sell a property, allowing you to reach a wide network of buyers online.

You can’t just put a few amateur photos up on a real estate listing site and hope to close a lucrative deal, however. The National Association of Realtors reports that top-quality photos are the key to a higher asking price.

Additionally, you should host an open house if you want to close a deal quickly. This gives you the chance to meet multiple potential buyers at once. Before you take either of these steps, however, you have to stage your home.

Find out how it’s done below.

  Take care of lawn care outdoors

Curb appeal refers to the attractiveness of your property when buyers are standing in the street, at the curb. It’s the first impression a property gives. Make sure yours is set to impress by undertaking landscaping measures as needed.

Mow the lawn, rake up leaves, weed the garden, and trim hedges and trees. Hire a professional if needed. If you are a senior, disabled, a veteran, or a single parent, you can benefit from free lawn mowing from Raising Men, a community service initiative that teaches young men responsibility.

Clear away the clutter indoors

A room that is cluttered with knickknacks will look overcrowded and give visitors the impression of being smaller than it actually is. Such clutter can also cause anxiety; this is the last sentiment you want visitors to your open house to be feeling if you’re hoping to make a sale.

Clear off the surfaces in your home and tuck these objects out of sight. By getting rid of these personal touches, you also make it easier for a visitor to create a mental image of what they would do with the space.

Rent a temporary storage unit

Don’t plan on cramming all the clutter you’ve cleared away into your closets. Closets are a major concern for people buying real estate because they want to make sure they will have enough storage space.

You want them to look open and spacious, not jam-packed. Find a temporary storage unit near you to keep boxes. Then get your closets looking attractive and orderly. Organize clothes by color, use the same hangers throughout, and clear everything off the floor.

Give the entire house a deep clean

Once you’ve gotten rid of the clutter, it will be easier to clean your home thoroughly.

Go beyond the usual mopping and vacuuming. Dust the shelves, clean the windows, and shampoo the carpets.

ddressing rugs and upholstery will help get rid of any residual odors such as pet-related smells. This assures a pleasant atmosphere for your open house. If you don’t have the time or supplies to do the job yourself, call a professional. Master Clean USA offers residential cleaning services at affordable rates.

Consult a real estate agent 

Find a local realtor to advise you on the finishing touches when preparing your home for photos or open houses. They can offer a valuable outsider’s perspective and can provide practical tips to enhance the perception of your property in buyers’ eyes. They will also be familiar with your neighborhood’s market and can advise on reasonable listing prices compared to what else is in the area.

With these tips, you can avoid enlisting the aid of a professional to stage your home. And this isn’t a small expense, sometimes costing over $5,000. Putting in this time and effort will get the property photo-ready—and ready for visitors, too.

With the house looking its best, you’re sure to find an eager buyer who is happy to pay your asking price.


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