Easter At Home

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Easter has long been among my favorite holidays, perhaps second only to Christmas in the joy it brings me. Easter’s significance and power are celebrated through symbols of new life all around us.

From egg hunt adventures to the blooming flowers of spring, Easter is full of color and life and is a reminder of the spectacular beauty that lives within each of us.

Traditionally, we might begin this day celebrating with our church families, lifting up prayer and praise.

Then, we would continue our celebrations at home with egg hunts, bunny baskets, and a delicious ham dinner, all the while enjoying the reminders of our hope in the new; a new season, new dreams, and renewed lives.

Easter is so significant to us because it comes just when renewed hope is so needed.

It arrives right in the nick of time on the tail end of a tiresome and dreary winter and leads us into the warmth of the coming summer.

Life during a typical year can already be so challenging and scary; for many, this year may be doubly so.

Given the challenges we all face this year, will Easter’s power to revitalize our lives be diminished?

I say no – or at least, that we don’t have to allow it to be.

As we face the growing possibility that this Easter will be a much more solitary celebration, I would like to share some ideas to connect remotely with your friends and family on this most meaningful of spiritual holidays.

Our hope remains alive, so I share with you my desire that we do not allow our hope to be stolen from us as we face these challenges but instead pursue new ways to join together in celebration of the beauty we get to experience every year at this time.

Here are some fun and meaningful ways to celebrate with your loved ones from afar this Easter:

  • Send a greeting card to friends and family you’ll miss this Easter. In this age of electronic communication, sending letters and greeting cards is a wonderful gesture, and even a short, silly note can have a huge impact.
  • Speaking of electronic communication, texting a funny GIF or image is a great way to check in on your loved ones and remind them that they are in your thoughts. Or even better, take a picture of the eggs you are dying or the food you are preparing to include them in your day.
  • Make sure to celebrate the holiday, even if you are alone. Treat yourself to wonderful food and desserts. Need some inspiration? Check out my favorite recipe here!
  • Set time aside for a fun craft or to put together an Easter-themed puzzle.
  • Buy some flowers to bring life and a little friend into your home.
  • Call your loved ones! A video call is best, and if you can swing it, get everybody together on a single Zoom or Skype call. We live in a marvelous age where we can be together even while we are apart. Let’s take advantage of it!

What are some great ways you are planning on celebrating this Easter? I’d love to hear about it.

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