From our CEO

The following is a speech given by our CEO to our employees during a recent company meeting.


For more than 27 years, Master Clean USA has worked diligently to improve the lives of our clients by providing expert, professional cleaning services.

Over these 27 years, we have grown from a one-woman office-cleaning operation to a diverse company that has successfully expanded into a variety of service options that tremendously impact the lives and wellbeing of those we have the pleasure of serving.

In the last few months, however, we lost more than 70% of our business as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. As we moved through the spring and looked towards what is normally our busiest season, schools, student housing companies, hotels, and other regular contract clients who bring the bulk of our annual business canceled their services. Our future looked bleak.

The foresight, determination, and creativity of our incredible staff and leadership teams allowed us to position Master Clean as an expert solution for other businesses also struggling to weather the storm of this pandemic.

We became licensees of Pure Maintenance for Santa Barbara, which positioned us to provide disinfection services and move-out cleaning to a large property management company. This contract kept us afloat and was pivotal to reversing our momentum. We are now experiencing as busy of a season as we ever have.


We couldn’t succeed at any of this without you.


Building the team that sits before me has been among the greatest challenges I have faced in running this company. From the beginning, I wanted to create a company culture completely distinguishable from our competitors.

I didn’t want to hire just anybody. I wanted to invest in great workers who took the job seriously and embodied the vision I have for this company. For that reason, I have worked very hard to create the highest paying jobs in our industry, as well as to provide incredible benefits unseen among our competitors, including paid vacation, retirement benefits, health insurance, bonus incentives, and much much more.


Unfortunately, not everybody who has worn our uniform has earned their keep.


Many of those who have worked with us failed to embrace a work ethic that puts the company first, honors the hard work of their colleagues, and sets Master Clean apart from the rest. Consequently, I have often felt discouraged and frustrated. I have felt disrespected and taken advantage of.

More than once I have second-guessed the effort we put into investing in our employees, and I have been tempted to align with the status quo.


But then we experience a season like the one we are experiencing right now, and it is clear to me that working for us is the best group of people in all of Santa Barbara.


I see you sacrificing your time to work long hours and weekends to help the company and support your co-workers.

I see you arranging to work with us even when it presents an inconvenience to your responsibilities at home or with other jobs.

I see you recruiting friends and family to help us when we can’t find the help.

I know how long your hours are and how physically demanding the work can be, and I watch as you execute with tremendous effort and with a smile on your face.

Your smiles, by the way, change lives. I cannot tell you how often we hear that our clients love working with us because you are so cheerful, polite, helpful, kind, and full of joy. Do not underestimate how your small gesture of a kind smile makes a big difference to those we serve. It makes their lives better, and it brings them back to us because they want to do business with those they like and trust.

They want to do business with you.


So thank you, thank you, thank you.


We would not be here today without each of you, and I cannot express my gratitude enough.

I do not know what tomorrow will look like. The world has changed in ways none of us could have anticipated and we simply cannot forecast what comes next. Will we have work tomorrow? I hope so, but I do not know.

What I do know is that if any company has a chance, it is ours, and it is because of the extraordinary character, effort, and ethic that each of you adds to our team.


You are not just people with rags, mops, and brooms. You are not just cleaners.


You are experts providing expert work. If we are going to succeed, we must continue to build a reputation for excellent, professional service. You are the face of our company and our success comes first through you. When your work is executed with the standards of professionalism and excellence I have seen from you over the past several months, we cannot fail.

We have a long way yet to go.

This pandemic will not end soon, and we face uncertainty around every corner. But because of you, we have one less thing to worry about, and I can’t wait to see what our future has in store for us.

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