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 8 Cleaning Hacks that Don’t Actually Work

By November 23, 2020September 7th, 2022No Comments

Cleaning is never fun, and most of the time, we look for easier ways to do it. Cleaning hacks are always there to help ease the whole process. But are they entirely useful? Let’s find out!

Coke in the Toilet

You must have heard of the Coca-Cola trick; if you haven’t, better save that drink for a warm day. While coke can be useful for cleaning rust, it doesn’t disinfect or kill bacteria.

Instead, it feeds those same bacteria keeping them alive and well in your toilet. So better invest in some proper cleaning products!

Go Extra with Detergents for Cleaner Clothes

Cleaning is not about being extra to be effective. And that is especially true with laundry detergent.

f you overload detergent to your laundry for that “extra clean,” you’ll end up with a damaged washing machine from the excess suds and soiled clothes. So keep it simple!

Mixing Vinegar and Baking Soda

Two is always better than one but not in this case. Some things work best when they are independent, as is with these two chemicals. Vinegar is an acid, and acid will neutralize when mixed with baking soda, a base, thus canceling their effectiveness when cleaning.

Cleaning without chemicals is actually beneficial but additional components in the house, such as the best CPAP cleaner, make it even better.

Lemons for Cleaner Dishes

You better stop wasting lemon on your dishes and start saving it for your grandma’s famous lemon meringue. Even if you soak your kitchen utensils or dishes in lemon water for hours, there will be little difference compared to regular detergent.

If you want a lemony fresh scent in your kitchen, however, then you’ve found a solution.

Using Newspapers to Clean Windows and Glass

We’ve all tried this at some point in life. Whoever came up with this rumor must have been smart because they made so many people believe it. Nonetheless, this rumor is not entirely false. While newspapers can clean your windows and glasses, this technique will end up leaving grime and ink traces all over your glass.

Hot Water Kills Germs On Your Clothes

To kill germs, water should be boiling, and standard heaters we use at home cannot produce such temperatures. Boiling water at home to kill germs won’t make that much of a difference either.

Use anti-bacterial detergents while doing your laundry if you want to get rid of them!

Using Salt for Your Fading Clothes

Admit it; you must have tried this before. What happened? Did you give up or realize it wasn’t working? It is said that tossing some salt into your laundry will bring life and color back into your fading clothes. However, if it wasn’t treated in the factory it was made, it will not work. Washing it with salt will only make it wear out faster.

The Microwave as a Sponge Sanitizer

Cleaning can be very beneficial for your stress and mental wellbeing. So hacks, such as microwaving your sponge to kill the bacteria, seem convenient to make cleaning more efficient, therefore, more desirable.

However, this hack is entirely false, so you may want to invest in a bunch of clean sponges.


As much as we may want a shorter route to doing things, sometimes it is better to go the distance. For instance, cleaning with vinegar is one of the best hacks you can use since it’s a multi-purpose cleaner.

However, if you don’t know how to use it, it won’t work to the best of its ability.

This applies to most cleaning hacks you find on the internet, some work, but if done incorrectly, they will not work. Some hacks altogether are false.

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