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How to Clean a Microwave, according to the pros

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It is a classic housekeeping headache: How to clean the microwave.

The microwave is one appliance that, at least for me, can seem perfectly clean one day, only to look like a complete disaster the next.

Fortunately, the microwave may also be the most straightforward kitchen appliance to clean, so in today’s writing, I’m going to share some practical methods for getting a clean microwave easily!

What you will need:

  • Water
  • White vinegar
  • A microwave-safe bowl or measuring cup
  • 2-3 (microfiber) cleaning rags. You could get away with using paper towels, but those may tear easily and create a lot of waste, which we hate!

Other things that will help:

  • Fresh lemon juice
  • A wooden skewer
  • An oven mitt
  • A non-scratch sponge
  • Dish soap
  • Baking soda

How to Clean Your Microwave

1. Make it fun

I do this with every chore! Find a way to link it with something you love! Maybe it’s playing music that excites you. Perhaps it’s putting on an episode of your favorite show in the background.

Whatever it is, not only will you begin to associate future chores with things you love, actually doing them will feel like less of a headache. Find what works for you and be consistent with it!

2. Remove the microwave turntable and turntable ring.

In a later step, you will wash these elements in the same way you wash your dishes, but this is a perfect moment to set them aside if you want to let them soak for a few minutes while preparing the cleaning solution.

If these elements are filthy with crusty, burnt soup, sauces, and grease, fill your sink with warm, soapy water, only full enough to completely submerge the turntable and ring.

3. Mix the cleaning solution

Fill a microwave-safe bowl with equal parts water and white vinegar – 1/2 cup of each should be more than enough.

How to clean a microwave: Including a bit of lemon can add a hint of freshness to your vinegar solution!

For a fresher smell, add just a teaspoon of lemon juice to the mixture. I hope to share another hack to clean a microwave with lemon juice instead of vinegar sometime in the future.


4. Heat the cleaning solution in your microwave.

Place inside your microwave and run it until the mixture hits a rolling boil and the microwave window becomes saturated with steam – 5-10 minutes should be fine, depending on the strength of your microwave.

You can also add a wooden skewer (break one in half if it is too long) to help keep the solution from splashing and boiling over if it gets too hot without you noticing!

5. While the solution heats up and begins to steam, begin to wash the turntable and turntable ring.

Wash both of these elements just as you would wash your dishes. Once they are clean, set them aside to dry while moving on to the rest of the microwave.

6. Safely remove the solution!

Using an oven mitt, carefully remove the bowl and set it safely out of your way. The bowl and mixture will both be scalding, so don’t take risks with your safety here!

7. Wipe down the inside of your microwave.

Use a warm, damp microfiber rag to clean the inside of your microwave. Don’t forget about the top of the microwave, as well as the microwave door! The steaming cleaning solution ought to have loosened up any crusty or burnt mess, so this should be easy.

How to clean a microwave: Don't forget to clean the inside of your microwave's door!

Don’t neglect the top, side, and bottom of the microwave door! If some stubborn filth remains, use a non-scratch sponge damp with warm water and dish soap to scrub it away. Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe dry the microwave.

8. Replace the turntable and turntable ring.

Making sure they have dried completely (it may need a quick wipe-down), replace these elements into your microwave.

9. How to clean the outside of your microwave.

    • As with any electronic, make sure to consult the user manual. How you clean the exterior of your microwave will vary depending on the materials that make it up, and the programing interface may require special instructions.
    • In our experience as a professional cleaning company, a warm, barely wet rag with just a dot of dish soap is a safe solution for most microwaves. Wipe down the exterior with this damp, soapy rag, and then immediately dry it with a clean, dry cloth.

If you notice a stubborn smell, or you are unhappy with the lingering smell of vinegar, fill a small bowl with baking soda and allow it to sit overnight. The baking soda will absorb most unwanted odors! I hope to dedicate a future post to how to clean a microwave with baking soda, so stay tuned!

10. Celebrate your work!

I know, I know, I know this sounds silly, but trust me. Being intentional about taking pride in yourself for doing your chores will make you more likely to follow through on them in the future. I get that it can feel awkward to practice this kind of self-love, but cleaning your home is already an act of self-love, so you may as well celebrate it!

My final word

Don’t wait until your microwave becomes a terrible mess! That first moment you notice a tiny bit of splatter or an inconvenient leak under the turntable is the best moment to clean it! These smaller messes only take minutes to fix, which is much easier than setting aside a half-hour to do a bigger chore. The longer you wait, the more challenging it will become, and it will be that much harder to motivate yourself to cultivate this habit.

We at Master Clean USA believe that a clean, organized home can be life-changing. We exist to improve the lives of those we serve, one clean home at a time. Keeping your microwave clean can make a significant difference, and we hope this guide helped you.

Are you interested in other helpful advice for keeping a clean home? Keep an eye on our blog for more awesome tips!

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