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5 Stylish Cleaning Products as Chic as they are Effective

stylish cleaning products

When it comes to style, my daughter is meticulous. While I was speaking with her the other day, she complained about how hard it is to find cleaning supplies that aren’t, well, eyesores! Why aren’t there stylish cleaning products?

Since then, I’ve wondered as much to myself. Why does it seem that the only options for quality cleaning products are brightly colored and plastic? What do I do if I want my cleaning products to be as stylish as I am?

Look no further! I eagerly share with you five excellent cleaning products as stylish as they are practical!

Wooden Brushes

Bamboo must be having some kind of renaissance because as I browsed the internet in preparation for this article, I saw no shortage of cute and robust bamboo dish brushes. Many of them were even zero-waste, and what’s more stylish than that?

Cuban Mop

The Cuban mop has been my favorite cleaning discovery in recent memory. The simplicity of the mop lends itself to a minimalist aesthetic, and its ability to twist apart into two discreet pieces makes it essential for the style-conscious consumer. Not to mention, it is more affordable and sustainable than its plastic counterpart at Swiffer.


Are you fed up with going into your closet and seeing dumpy plastic buckets? Look no further than the simple and understated Cleany Bucket in matte black from Burke Decor.


Returning to the bamboo renaissance, check out this washable bamboo fleece duster from Package Free.


I can’t stand bright red or yellow brooms with aluminum handles that show every nick and ding it endured over its lifetime. As long as we’re exploring wood cleaning tools, why not consider the Clean Sweep broom from Full Circle?

What about you? Notice anything I missed? I’d love to hear what stylish cleaning products you use! Reach out any time!

Jessica Jankoski

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