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Baby-Safe Cleaning Products – The Only Two You Need

By August 26, 2022No Comments
baby-safe cleaning products

Are you looking for baby-safe cleaning products? Maybe you are starting a family and getting serious about the chemicals you use to clean the surfaces your kids crawl around, climb all over, and are generally always touching. Maybe you have pets! Whatever season of life you are in, you want safe solutions without sacrificing effectiveness.

Many excellent recommendations litter lifestyle blogs across the internet. They suggest fantastic cleaning brands on a mission to offer child-and-pet-safe cleaning products. I’m not doing that in this one.

That’s because, in my opinion, the average person rarely needs more than two cleaning “chemicals” for sanitizing surfaces. Both are already baby-safe cleaning products for the surfaces your kids and pets frequent: Peroxide and fragrance-free dish soap.

Diluted peroxide is the best baby-safe cleaning product

Quick qualifier: I typically recommend buying concentrated peroxide cleaning solution because it is the best value cleaning product you can buy, period. While concentrated, peroxide can cause “serious eye irritation,” so be sensible with how you store it and don’t let your kids handle it without adult supervision.

As sold, eye irritation from concentrated peroxide exposure is the only adverse health effect listed on peroxide’s safety data sheet. Every other exposure case, including eye contact at “use dilution” (i. e., when diluted with water at recommended levels), skin contact, ingestion, and inhalation, are labeled as follows:

“Health injuries are not known or expected under normal use.”

Pair the above with peroxide’s versatility as a cleaning solution, its low price point, and eco-friendliness, and you have a cleaning solution you can feel confident will keep your home clean without agitating your kids or pets.

Use dish soap for grease!

Grease and oil messes need a more robust cleaning solution than peroxide. This might tempt you to look for a dedicated “degreaser” for those more challenging jobs. No need! Dish soap will probably work well unless the object or surface in question is in terrible shape.

Of course, not all dish soaps are created equal. You want to be confident that yours won’t harm your children. Fortunately, the EPA makes it easy with their “Safer Choice” and “Fragrance-Free” labels. They even have a handy tool for finding products that meet both criteria!

We at Master Clean are on a mission to improve the lives of those we serve, one clean space at a time. We understand the importance of using safe, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, and we hope you found this article helpful!

Jessica Jankoski

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