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Home Cleaning Made Easy: 3 Helpful Products!

By August 26, 2022No Comments
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I want to make home cleaning as easy and accessible as possible, but whenever I see an article bragging about some hack that is supposed to make chores easy, my walls go up. More often than not, these tips are half-effective at best, and I rarely feel as though my life has improved.

I’ve kept that in mind as I wrote this list because I aim to offer advice and solutions that do improve your life. On the day I write this (26 August 2022), we are not some prominent lifestyle blog or home and garden site, nor are we currently benefitting from affiliate links or brand sponsorships.

These are three products I use and believe in, and I hope they can make a positive difference for you as well!

Robot vacuums make cleaning home floors effortless.

Robot vacuums like the iRobot Roomba series and Ecovacs vacuum/mop hybrids always seemed too good to be true, and for a while, I didn’t bother with them. My son always claimed to like his but frequently qualified his praise with complaints about inconsistent floor coverage and the propensity for the device to get stuck on small ledges or unexpected obstacles.

But that was years ago, and I have to admit that things have improved. Innovations like room mapping and object detection have mostly solved the problems with coverage and obstacles. Many current models come with an automated waste receptacle that clears the waste from the robot so that you don’t have to. They have even released robot vacuums that also mop!

But whatever, you can still do those things with greater precision, right? Well, sure, I admit that I am still a more thorough cleaner than my robovac, but I can’t deny that it does a great job and saves me a lot of time. I program it to run once a week when I know I won’t be home, and it honestly feels like my floors are always clean.

Even when I want to go beyond what the device can achieve, the floors are already in such a great spot that it cuts the time it takes for me to clean them by more than half!

The obvious downside, however, is the cost. Many of these high-feature robot vacuums are still very expensive, which can put them out of reach for many people. But if you have the means and are on the fence about pulling the trigger, I believe you will feel it was worth the investment!

Using Novus can limit dust!

I hate dust, but I’m no fan of dusting. Few things make a space feel as dirty as a blanket of dust, and few things make me feel as dirty as when I try to clean it and see the dust caking on my rags or raining onto the floor.

If you feel the same way, I encourage you to try Novus Plastic Polish. Car companies (among many others) use this to keep their display models glistening. It works wonders on just about any plastic surface, including the laminate that covers a lot of furniture these days.

Novus is anti-fog, anti-static, and dust-repellant. Since I began trying Novus, I have noticed I need to dust about half as frequently as I used to. It is as easy as cleaning the surface, spraying on the Novus, and buffing it with a clean, lint-free cloth. Then enjoy clean-looking surfaces for twice as long!

Peroxide is helpful for pretty much anything home cleaning.

I can’t seem to stop talking about peroxide! Do you need an affordable multi-purpose cleaner? 1:32 peroxide and water. Need something for floors? 1:16! Do you want to brighten your white sheets but are nervous about using bleach? Use peroxide instead.

The diluted peroxide is odorless, safe in homes with kids or pets, and can be used for all kinds of cleaning applications. There is no better value cleaner out there, and its versatility eliminates the need for dozens of specialty cleaning products. I can’t recommend it more highly!

Jessica Jankoski

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