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Organization for Bathrooms: 5 Helpful Tips

By September 8, 2022No Comments
organization for bathrooms tips

I’m excited to finally write tips about organization for bathrooms. Like the kitchen, the bathroom is one of those places that always seems to clutter up. Toiletries litter the countertops, cables from curling irons and hair dryers lay tangled, and the drawers and cabinets are jam-packed with goodness only knows what! Add to this the dirtiness of the bathroom, and suddenly it all feels, well, gross.

It doesn’t have to be like that! All a person needs to maintain a clean, orderly bathroom is a small commitment to put things back where they go and the organizational tools to make “where they go” simple! Here are a few of my favorite bathroom organization tips:

Organization for Bathrooms, Tip 1: Use levels

Perhaps the biggest reason organization for bathrooms can be challenging is that many bathrooms don’t have very much space for all of your toiletries and appliances. The more objects you try to fit on the counters, the more cluttered it will feel!

Look for opportunities to add shelves! Wall-mounted shelves are great, but I would start with a chic countertop organizer and toilet storage rack.

In my opinion, the most important place you can add levels is under the sink! We are all guilty of tossing things in without any effort to make it easier on ourselves later. How lazy! Try these sliding cabinet organizers – but mind the u-bend and make sure the shelves fit before you commit!

Organization for Bathrooms, Tip 2: Add art!

Once you have added levels to the counter and above the toilet, you can decide if you want to hang shelves; if you discover you don’t need more surface space, consider hanging art instead!

Adding art to your bathroom is a great way to warm it up, and it will draw attention away from less visually appealing objects, like hair appliances and toothpaste tubes.

Dedicated drawer organizers

Instead of stuffing things into your bathroom drawers without rhyme or reason, invest in organizational drawer bins! Dedicate each container to specific items; one can be for make-up brushes, another for floss picks, and another for spare razor blades. If you want to go the extra mile, label each one to make it easy to remember!

Discreet power strip

I frequently see bathrooms with five or six appliances but only two outlets. As we get lazy, we stop putting them away and opt to unplug and replug whatever we want to use at any given time.

Get a surge-protecting wall-mounted outlet splitter like this one, and give your appliances a tidy home on your counter or countertop organizer. Then, manage excess cable with zip ties and wall hooks, if necessary!

Dedicated bathroom hamper

If you only have one hamper in your home, and it isn’t in the bathroom, then you will likely leave dirty towels in the bathroom instead of with the laundry.

A dedicated bathroom hamper is an excellent addition to any bathroom. Use it for dirty towels, make-up removal cloths, and the clothes you wore before your shower! I recommend using a hamper with a lid to keep those dirty soft goods out of sight.

As with anything, organization for bathrooms is about finding the right system for you! Taking these steps to organize your bathroom is an excellent first step toward maintaining a clean and orderly space. Once you have a system, you can add small cleaning habits to eliminate dried toothpaste on the counter, water spots on the mirror, and the loose hair that is so prevalent in bathrooms.

If you are excited to learn how to invest in those habits, keep an eye on this blog! I’ll be writing more about keeping the bathroom clean in the future.

Jessica Jankoski

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