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5 Best Bathroom Cleaning Products

By October 10, 2022No Comments
best cleaning products

I’m excited to finally recommend what I believe are the five best bathroom cleaning products. When cultivating a cleaning habit, I always encourage setting up systems for maintaining a clean space rather than enduring less frequent, much bigger cleaning jobs. To do this well, having the right tools nearby is critical!

Below, I’ll outline five cleaning products that will help you keep your bathroom clean all the time!

Use a Pretty Perfume Bottle For Your Cleaning Solutions!

As I’ve discussed elsewhere, using stylish decor is as essential for a tidy bathroom as cleaning it. I mention this because big, ugly spray bottles look bad when left out and take up a lot of storage space better used for bathroom essentials.

However, if your all-purpose cleaner is all the way in the kitchen or pantry, you’ll never only fetch it to clean the bathroom unless the mess becomes unbearable. We want to take action well before that!

Consider using a pretty glass perfume atomizer instead of a spray bottle. Keep one for a glass cleaner and one for an all-purpose cleaner! That way, whenever your mirror or countertop needs a wipe-down, you’ve got some cleaner within easy reach!

Best Bathroom Cleaning Products: Rags > Paper Towels!

The above tip only works if you also have a cleaning rag handy. You won’t use the cleaning solution if you have to fetch paper towels from elsewhere!

Instead, keep cleaning rags under your sink. You can use a nice microfiber rag if you want to get a lot of uses out of a single cloth, but you can also keep scraps of cut-up t-shirts in a neat pile and toss them in the laundry as they get used.

Make Space for a Hand Vacuum!

The biggest challenge to keeping a hand vacuum in the bathroom is storage space, but I believe it’s worth it! Even a small amount of hair littering your bathroom floor is enough to make an otherwise clean bathroom feel dirty. 

Reserve some space under your counter for a battery-powered hand vacuum, and when you notice hair making a mess of your floor, simply vac it all up!

Best Bathroom Cleaning Products: Toilet Brush, Obviously

I know this is obvious, but you can’t keep your bathroom feeling fresh & clean without a toilet brush. It doesn’t take much limescale to make a toilet feel icky – to say nothing of poop!

Use the brush to scrub the toilet bowl once a week. Make sure to rinse the brush head with hot water in the bath after each use, and replace the brush every six months or so!

Use a Scrub-Free Shower Cleaner for Easy Shower Maintenance

Over as little as a few weeks, tiny bits of filth build up in your shower until it eventually gets dirty enough to feel yucky but not so dirty that you want to clean it.

A good scrub-free shower cleaner solves this. It is as easy as spraying the cleaner on the shower walls and floor and rinsing it away with the shower head! Pair this with a more intentional cleaning every three-to-six months, and your shower will remain in good order!


Cleaning doesn’t have to be a big headache. Setting yourself up with the tools to invest in routine cleaning habits will help make cleaning an act of self-care, and I hope these tips help you.

What about you? Do you have any great products that help keep your bathroom clean? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

Jessica Jankoski

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