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How to Clean the Bathroom: 5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Feeling Clean

By October 10, 2022No Comments
how to clean the bathroom

Do you feel frustrated about how to clean the bathroom? Like the kitchen, the bathroom can quickly become a persistent and overwhelming mess. The combination of filth, bad smells, and clutter in a relatively compact space makes the bathroom a unique challenge. I’m excited to share a few tips to develop practical systems that will help you clean the bathroom & keep it clean with as little work as possible!

How to Clean the Bathroom? Start With Secondary Surfaces!

Because there is limited space in the bathroom, I bet you keep many different objects on your counters. So when residue from toothpaste, shaving cream, and make-up builds up on the countertop, you must move all those objects before you can clean the surface.

That friction makes you less likely to act, making you more likely to become complacent with the mess. This can add to your stress and anxiety. It also makes cleaning it later seem much more painful, discouraging you from cleaning it again in the future – a vicious cycle!

To reduce friction, consider using secondary surfaces like this tray. Keep “leaky” objects (such as soap and toothbrushes) on these trays instead of directly on the counter. That way, when residue builds up on that secondary surface, you can remove just those objects and wash the tray like a dish. When you need to clean the counter, you can quickly move multiple things by keeping them on the tray!

Add Levels for More Storage

Most bathrooms are pretty compact. That makes it challenging to store everything you want to keep in the bathroom for convenience, but the more you try and jam in, the more cluttered it will feel and the more challenging it will be to organize.

Hanging shelves on empty wall space is a great way to expand storage space in your bathroom. Wall-mounted shelves will give you the most options. If you are a renter worried about putting too many holes in the walls, there are lots of racks you can use instead.

Check out this over-the-toilet rack for towel and toilet paper storage. Combining a corner shelving unit with a hanging rack will give you ample space to keep your shower toiletries. Small standing shelves will maximize the verticle space both on your counters & in the cabinets under your sink. That’s the trick – the more you can use verticle space, the more options you will give yourself!

Get a Hand Vacuum!

Hand vacuums are essential tools for any household, in my opinion. Besides their utility in the bathroom, which I’ll break down in a moment, you will also get a lot of value from using it to clean under couch cushions, hard-to-reach corners, and even your car!

Now for the bathroom: You could have the most well-organized bathroom in the world, but if hair and nail clippings litter your floors and counters, it still won’t feel clean. That’s where a battery-powered hand vacuum comes in.

Unlike a floor vacuum, you won’t have to move a heavy appliance and deal with that frustrating cable just to deal with loose hair. Plus, it’s easier, faster, and more effective than fetching a broom! 

How to Clean the Bathroom: Diffusers > Candles

It is no secret that bathrooms can be stinky places. Humidity can also make smells seem more pungent, so odor management in the bathroom is critical to keeping it feeling clean.

Routinely cleaning in, around, and on the toilet matters, of course. But it’s unrealistic to expect one to clean it more than once a week, and I bet most people are even less frequent than that.

Consider keeping a stylish diffuser close to the toilet. Diffusers are safer and more consistent than candles, and they are more sustainable than the plug-in air fresheners popularized by Febreze and Glade (not to mention how few plugs there are in bathrooms). Plus, they can look beautiful.

Use Art!

Speaking of looking beautiful, I’m often surprised by how little art I find in bathrooms. In my opinion, stylish decor and art are essential in the bathroom. Decorating the bathroom with inobtrusive figurines and hanging prints in pretty frames will keep the bathroom from feeling sterile. Place them strategically to draw attention away from the more utilitarian objects that occupy counter space!


Keeping the bathroom clean and organized can seem like an overwhelming amount of work. I hope these tips help remove the friction that keeps your bathroom a mess!

Do you have any tips that help you keep your bathroom feeling clean? I’d love to hear about them! Comment below 😊

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