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About Master Clean USA™

The CEO Jessica Jankoski Smiling in front of tall trees

Jessica Jankoski


My name is Jessica Jankoski, and Master Clean USA, Inc.™ is Santa Barbara County’s premier cleaning company. When I began Master Clean in 1992, I was committed to creating a business that provided high value and unparalleled quality built upon a foundation of hard work and compassionate customer service. I wanted to create a unique cleaning service tailored to its customer’s specific needs and that supported other businesses by making them shine.

That was 30 years ago, and I am proud of how Master Clean has grown. We have added numerous services to our offerings, including specialty divisions dedicated to natural stone care and expert mold remediation. In 2011, my husband Skip joined the company. With his added experience and business acumen, the company grew exponentially. Master Clean USA™ now provides jobs to over 23 employees and every month serves hundreds of clients with all the commitment to excellence and dedication to quality I envisioned all those years ago!