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Premium Fridge Cleaning

We understand how challenging it can be to keep a refrigerator clean and orderly. One day it feels tidy and well organized; a few weeks and some unexpected leaks later, and it’s suddenly impossible to find a thing in it!

Add a premium fridge cleaning to your next service, and we’ll make sure that your fridge is well-organized and spotless the next time you open it. From the freezer to the vegetable drawer, we’ll scrub away any leaks or sticky messes, and we’ll tidy up the contents so that you get a good sense of order without losing track of where things are. We use food-safe cleaners that will leave your fridge smelling fresh and clean without any overwhelming scents. The next time you open your fridge, you’ll wonder how you ever lived so long with it any other way!

Ask about adding premium fridge cleaning to your next cleaning appointment!

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