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Master Clean USA Inc™

Join today and start earning!

Few things are as important to us as honoring our clients’ trust in our company.


These days, it seems like everybody else is cutting costs and corners. We at Master Clean USA are constantly developing new ways to enhance your experience and fulfill our mission to improve the lives of those we serve.

That is why we are thrilled to introduce the Master Clean Scrub Club, an innovative new loyalty program rewarding our constant clients. By choosing Master Clean for your home cleaning needs, residential clients may choose to opt-in to one of two incredible rewards programs: The Master Clean Digital Punch Card or Master Clean Tier Rewards.

Next time you book a house cleaning service with us, ask which program is best for you. We are so grateful for your business, and we look forward to making your ongoing experience with us even better!

Master Clean Punch Card

For clients who use our services semi-regularly, we recommend the Master Clean Digital Punch Card.

With Master Clean Digital Punch Card, when you fulfill ten home cleaning services with us, you earn a premium add-on at no extra cost to your next service with us.

Just use our services as you normally would, and once you hit ten, tell us what premium you would like!

Master Clean Tier Rewards

For our clients who enjoy extensive or constant service with us, we recommend joining Master Clean Tier Rewards.

With Master Clean Tier Rewards, the more you spend with us, the more you stand to gain!

By achieving certain monthly thresholds, you become entitled to a selection of premium add-ons and even some bonus services! It’s a perfect program for anybody already enjoying a high level of service with Master Clean to get even more from your business with us.