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Premium Dish Washers Service

When was the last time you had your dishwasher cleaned?

Even though its function is to wash dishes, the dishwasher can build up with limescale and other hard water deposits. These tarnish the look of your appliance and can diminish its effectiveness.

When you add premium dishwasher cleaning to your service, we eliminate any hard water deposits and make your dishwasher look new again. We also restore your filter so that your dishwasher continues to work efficiently. Our process uses eco-friendly, anti-scale protection so that your dishwasher will remain clean longer. That way, you can rest assured that your dishes will always come out sparkling with minimal wear to your dishwasher.

Are you ready for dishes that shine coming out of a squeaky clean dishwasher? Ask about adding premium dishwasher cleaning to your next appointment!

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